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*********Are you seeking guidance from a highly accurate psychic intuitive? Also I am a empath and use spiritual guidance.*************
*****************Are you interested in finding solutions to the solutions that challenge you?
I will help guide you to the right answers.******************

*****************My abilities and services provide clarity on youre current situation. Observation of any date or time frame up to 2 years, within youre life using spirituality and empathy ****************

**********************Spiritual combination of youre energy and those around you .Love connections who is youre soul mate or love match or the right companion for you.*******************

*********************Aura readings .- i look up youre colors and read interpretaion of youre unique self.****************
*********************Psychological and subconsiouness guidence what would be best for youre current situation. Dream interpretation what you percive it to be may totaly differnt then what you think.***********************
***************Guidence towards elightenment for what is best for you.*****************************
*******************Mediumship- Family and friend, familier spirt, angel . Elder being connection such as great grandparents or grandparents, aunts or uncles.***************************

**************************Totem readings - connection of the animall guides unique only to you .My grandfather was cherrokee indian and i studied wildlife biology in college. I have a strong connection to wild animals or pets.***********************

$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$Economic Forcast-Personal finances, Carriers, Lifepath /purpose, Abundence what does the future hold for you?$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

**********************Enviromental forcast-Home, Work,,Relocation,MateriaL,possetions********************

*******************Proffesional Direction- Carreer , Work ,Educational********************************

********************** Insprational,Personal potential, Reasoning,Guidence with Who, What,Where and How and why***************************

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Love conection and capabilites,Subconcious view of self, And how others view you and how to comunicate with others.~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

++++++++++++++++Spritual-Faith , Mediumship,Enlightenment, Guidence towards paranormal investigation, Spiritual welfare what there realy is in the spiritual realm.+++++++++++++++++++

************I am a profesional****************
Psychic medium intuetive and have 30 years experience .

I would like to bring clarity to youre questions
God bless you
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Experienced in

Dream interpretation, Clairvoyance, Love and sex, Home and family, Career and business, Finance and law, Travelling and relocation, Lost and found

Member testimonials

She was great.
- by njinda200, GERMANTOWN
very good
- by beauty, dublin
was very to the point she is a real psychic reader
- by beauty, dublin
she was amazing. !!!!!
- by yasmarlyn , perthamboy
thank you
- by leodragon, tokyo
Great reading from Ruby. I was happy to hear my finances will be improving in July. Ruby picks up great. I recommend her to others for an accurate reading.
- by BM331, USA
Really like Ruby's insights
- by ann, mentor
Thank you ruby for my update i look forward to your prediction
- by marionlyttle, ireland
wow ruby is good, read me like a book ,very clear, picked up on things straight up, with out giving any info, i didn't have to say a word, very calm in the read read more »
- by target, somewhere in oz
She is by far my favorite on this site.
- by ann , mentor
AWESOME!!!! as always! She connects so fast, so extremely accurate! Love getting messages from passed loved ones! Always turns around your day. She is such an a read more »
- by Tiffany, NPR
She was good.
- by Carol, Tampa
Unbelievable - fantastic! My Grandmother came through and it was so nice to hear from her and for all the validations.
- by Ann , Mentor on the Lake
Very interesting. Thank you
- by Amy Vulk, Garland
Great reading...honest, up front and insightful. Thank you!!
- by Obijuan, USA
She is awesome, lady is wonderful in prvt ..will come to her for any issues that I have very sweet and calm..Thank you I enjoyed my reading very much detailed .. She connected after hello.. Imagine that
- by susnhinec, ohio
Thank you
- by Blabla, Ocean
She's good.
- by Staci, atlanta
Highly Spirited honest reader with quick answers. Unfortunately cam froze a few times but what I did get from the reading with ruby was genuine and great.
- by MissJazzXoxo, New York
Thank you so much.
- by grateful, bpt, ct
Ruby is great, had an aura reading from her, she was right on with so many things that she couldn't have known, she knows what she is doing.
- by kcw1433, georgia
Thank you for reading.
- by zimerili1, orlando
Great reading.
- by VJREI, Miami
Ruby is amazing all the time great gift she has.
- by heather, indiana
OUT OF THIS W.O.R.L.D.!!! Ruby0Sun is incredible and super gifted. I can't say enough. She never use any tools, just her psychic ability and it was RIGHT ON!!! read more »
- by izzy98027, seattle
Very nice to hear:)
- by samantha, sigtuna
I had to take Ruby to private because seem to be extremely accurate in free chat; and I didn't regret my decision. I really felt that she knows what she is talk read more »
- by Destiny_Love, USA
Thanks Ruby0Sun. Very interesting reading. Covered many topics. Friendly and helpful.
- by Martkos, Melbourne, Australia
Ruby0Sun is a very kind, modest, wise, talented and genuine psychic. She provided me with some amazing and accurate information about Aura, Spirit Guides, Past Life. Highly Recommended.
- by Martkos, Melboune, Australia
Very nice person and truthful reader! I love you Ruby… thank you so much for helping me.
- by Desire2succeed, Florida
Good to hear of relatives not here now, but still nizant
- by Frederick, somewheresomethere
She was dead on correct. Loved her! very genuine!!! and caring
- by Tiffany, NPR
Very accurate reading. She sees it and lets you know exactly how it is. Thanks Ruby!!!
- by Desire2succeed, Florida
Great reading, perfect viewing :)
- by Anne-Maree, Brisbane
- by Cassandra, Geelong
If you really want insight and straight up answers see her! You wont be disappointed! Thanks ruby :)
- by Desire2succeed, Florida
She is an amazingly perceptive reader!
- by erika, boston
- by luckystar222, ny
She's a great reader. Tells you things thats going on in your life before you can even explain the situation. Thanks Ruby!!!
- by Desire2succeed, Florida
Thank you Colleen for another wonderful energy reading it was informational and helpful! I appreciate you gifts so much.
- by nunothat, USA
Thanks dear for a refreshing talk...real down to earth and helpful.
- by SS, new england
Amazing abilities to reach the other side. She was able to relay messages to me from each of them. God has truly blessed her.
- by Findingpeace, Toronto
great reader, seasoned and really sweet ... 5 stars!
- by Ann, philadlephia
Thanks so much Colleen for another wonderful and insightful reading. You gave me encouragement also. I will keep and always pray to God and my blessed beloved s read more »
- by nunothat, USA
wow! She was answering my questions before i had a chance to type them out. Very helpful and very good... described the personalities quiet well and advice on read more »
- by kissmeangel, canada
Thanks Ruby... You are awesome as always... Thanks for your words of encouragement... 5 stars and more...
- by Ebony, Lowell,MA
Ruby is truly a gifted person that really does want to help others with her gift!!!
- by heather, in
She's is always right on, never had a bad reading with ruby, she's fast and to the point no wasting your time
- by heather, indiana
Fantastic! spot on with so much I have experienced was great with communicating and I was very comfortable and gained a lot from my reading. Thank you Ruby. x
- by Anna, Sydney
Thanks Ruby for the awesome demo you did the other day and I just want to thank you for your honesty and accuracy on this situation. All I need is the truth and read more »
- by Ebony, Lowell,MA
Amazing as always!
- by heather, indiana
Colleen is so great at with her gifts. Such a blessing. I come to her for my aura readings/shades/location, and spiritual growth. Thank you for sharing you gifts with us all.
- by nunothat, USA
Very detailed and great reading again.
- by erika, ca
- by heather, attica
Very good.
- by joanne angle, pearl city
Just amazing as always, I cant say enough great things about this women!! She most def has an amazing gift and shares it very well, I just love her reading!
- by heather, indiana
Thanks for the reading!
- by tanya, usa
Colleen is so Cool! I come for my aura readings often from her, and she is so talented! Bless you Colleen in everything you do!
- by nunothat, USA
Thank you for your insights! I will follow your advice and report back. Thank you for listening! Love&joy xx
- by Elephant11, Earth
Love getting my aura read by Colleen. She is a gifted psychic.
- by nunothat, USA
Ruby is my angel! Bless your spirit for all the validations. You make me feel at ease. Will keep you posted on updates xx
- by Mademoiselle1, Venus and Beyond
She's truly gifted
- by Windlover, Quebec
- by nunothat, USA
Great reading!
- by Antonio, San Marino
Colleen is extremely gifted! She tunes into me and reading exactly how and what is wrong. She is excellent at aura readings. Very talented and helpful.
- by nunothat, USA
Such a wonderful and kind person. Awesome and very accurate reading. I'll be coming back to her anytime I need more guidance. Highly recommend ruby0sun!
- by Mandy, Atlanta, GA
She was great!! Sweet accurate and to the point!!
- by lonely192012, ms
As usual truthful, honest and to the point. You've put my mind at rest thank you Ruby.
- by pansypants, australia
Sweet, heartfelt reading. Lovely woman. Thank you.
- by Fulgur, Melbourne
I love my readings with Colleen, she is so talented and informational. I have her read my aura at least once of month, and it changes as I change. So its so n read more »
- by nunothat, USA
I had a wonderful reading with her, she was right on about everything, and what I was going through, thank you so much again. Amanda
- by lostsoulss, CA
Simply adorable! Super connection!
- by kiran, praha
Wow! I'm surprised!
- by preeti, new york
Great reading! Very accurate..
- by SM, San Marino
She put my mind at peace. Thank you
- by Marialuis, Vancouver
See right into the situation. great reading
- by vigglesworth216, Jersey City
Super connection, she picks up so well, i'm amazed!
- by gem1974, praha
- by gem1974, praha
What a lovely lady! Thank you so much!
- by katie46, Canada
Thank you very much for the update. It helps. I love having my aura read by Ruby, and she is great reader.
- by nunothat, USA
Gave confirmation to what I have been told. I recommend her to others!
- by Faye, USA
Awesome :) Thank you very much! I would recommend!
- by TheFinnishGirl, B.H.
Thanks for the advice!
- by TravlFunLove, Calgary
So love Ruby and her wonderful wonderful gifts! Thank you so much for always being there for me, and giving me so much comfort! I feel blessed always after talking with you. Love Deb.
- by nunothat, USA
Ruby told me something months ago that i did not want to believe but so far it has been true. She reads like she's sitting at your kitchen, table sharing coffee.
- by bluetig, canada
I love Ruby. I just happen to come to this site and I was in a chat room with her & the others and I got a great vibe from her sincere and just an all around do read more »
- by gemini1160, pa
Thanks. You're always there for me. Good advice you gave today!!
- by LittleCC, melbourne
Thank you Ruby. Your words were comforting and reassuring. I eagerly await for the all important predictions to come to pass. Will keep you posted! x
- by Mademoiselle1, Venus and Beyond..
You've done it again Ruby, you are truly gifted.
- by pansypants, austrralia
Amazing. Very accurate and extremely relatable and helpful. Will put her guidance into action to find more answers! Thanks Ruby!!
- by pansypants, Australia
What a wonderful/Beautiful person! You gifts are so precious and needed. Thank you for sharing them with us!
- by nunothat, USA
Ruby was very accurate and incredibly empathetic. She was very warm and welcoming and got everything right! I would have another Private Reading with her as soon as I possibly could!!
- by EbonyChild, Melbourne Australia
Oh boy you made me cry with happiness xx
- by pansypants, australia
Is good to talk to u!!
- by LittleCC, Melbourne
Sorry I ran out of funds but was so good to talk to you. I'll stay positive!!
- by LittleCC, australia
Thanks for this....makes sense.
- by druidess157, Prince George
- by ale510, europe
She pick up 3 major important things in my life.. Only true psychic can do that!!!
- by LittleCC, australia
Real true and worth every dime... I love this woman she's just so awesome!
- by katzhous8, aussie
Great and precise!
- by Member625811, Maryland

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