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•★ Do you want your beloved to come back?★•.
In this respect I can assist you. By using my powers I can bring him/her back.

•★ How do I do it?★•.
In this procedure we both do some work for specific time that depends upon your case. Major work will be done by me and little work you will have to do under my instructions.

•★ Thing to remember★•.
Although it is very powerful process (you will feel during this work) and I have also helped many people by adopting this way but in spite of all this I never offer any guarantee for this. So no claim no blame.


You should only come to me if you can handle the truth because I do not believe in saying something to just keep you a happy customer.
I will tell only what my energies will tell me.

I am a very strong psychic reader and healer with blessing of my almighty Allah. I have been serving worried people for 20 years. I have written a book on psychics called (Secret about Psychics). I specialize in love, marriage and dating.

Moreover, I can also assist you in family, Finance, Career and Mind reading. I have also studied astrology and energy reading deeply. I can look into your situation and provide deeper insight into how the other person is feeling.

Sometimes, it is not clear to us when we are trapped in the situation and in the thick of it all.
I am not dependent on tools. I use just my God Gifted abilities for answering within a few moments. I can give you any type of answers.
I am able to provide spiritual healing, psychic predictions using my God given gift and see what your future holds.
I love to help you out in the shortest time available to us or as long as you wish to stay connected.

.•★ How do I do Reading?★•
My reading is based on Devine Guide line. I take signals through vision, sounds and thoughts. Just need of your complete name and DOB for connection.


★ You want to construct your dreamland with someone and he/she is not already engaged with someone else.
★ If you are married and have some troubles with your partner. I will shower my all energies for the settlement.
Here we both have to work together and find the solutions. I will try my best to remove the darkness form your life.


Ghost Healing

I do ghost healing and force them to leave my client

Black magic is the worst type of magic. it can ruin all the areas of your life some people adopt this mean way to take revenge.
Consequently your business, your family life, your marriage life and your love life get affected.
Main Signs of Black Magic are mentioned below.
★ If you are feeling much burden on your shoulders
★ If you find sprinklings of blood or water on your dress or home
★ If you have disunity among your family members
★ If in spite of your efforts, you are unable to settle your financial, family and love relations
★ If you feel one or more signs in your life, you must consult me. I shall diagnose and heal it in first session.


★ Love
★Ghost Problems
★Black Magic Healing
★Face Reading
★Dream Interpretation


★ What he/she is thinking about me?
★ Is he/she true soul mate
★ When I shell find my true love
★ Will he/she be back
★ When the tough period will end


★ Never share your personal information (Email, Phone Numbers, and IDs Etc) With me.
★ I am neither a doctor nor a lawyer who assist you in medicine and legal advices. for this u must consult to professional
★ Never ask about death and religion

Thanks for Reading

Sincerely, Tahir
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Member testimonials

When he start reading, the things that I dont know he will tell every single little things which makes you become more amaze with his work. Thats why I never go to others readers.
- by coolme, B
- by coolme, b
a great session indeed, much more info will return
- by lynn, tumon
Updated very happy...OMG really you are the best. Thanks Yar
- by coolme, b
Again updating my reading...what else i can say...AMAZZZZINGGG...really try me iam IMPRESS of his work...thanks ProblemsGoodbye you are the BEST.
- by coolme, B
very good
- by golasham, p
He is very insightful and helpful.
- by Kris, Alberta
Its really amazing of his reading really, because he can avoid from some1 do something bad to he will help you to cure it..Very Amazing every time ready no regrets.
- by coolme, B
Had another great session. It is amazing, come and try you will not regret
- by Morten, Denmark
- by Morten, Denmark
Miss about his reading & very satisfied with him very very accurate.
- by coolme, B
will definitely return thank you
- by lynn, tumon
another session with most informative guidance
- by lynn, tumon
thank you for helping my situation - will return
- by lynn, tumon
a very informative session
- by lynn, tumon
you will calm after hear the truth from him even how tempered you are but still he can control your temper. Thanks Problemsgoodbye for convincing.
- by coolme, b
Every time reading must have something news update, he really amazing & you will speechless about his new updated. really2 out off your expected, he will help t read more »
- by coolme, b
Updating myreading which need to solve some matter..very amazing of his work really unbelievable.
- by coolme, B
I am happy reading with him very amazing & convincing...always have new reading without expectation. Must have confident with him will make work easy & have good result.
- by COOLME, b
Reading updated make me happy very33 accurate you wont regret at all just dont give up.
- by coolme, b
thank you for another session with most information of my situation- i shall return soon
- by lynn, tumon
Just Updated after 8days away which is so many negativity over myself & now time to clean it with him so that your life daily would be happy & make things even better.
- by coolme, ban
very nice fast and good
- by cali, cali
Very connected and a great healer of problems.
- by tlsimms2008, Ofallon MO
interesting and fast response to questions will definitely return for another session
- by lynn, tumon
thanks for the update and the words of advice. great as always highly recommend
- by GF, London
He is consistent in his predictions. His last prediction came to pass. Time will tell.
- by *, *
Thank you for a good reading!
- by Charlie, -
was pleasure chatting with him- made me smile thank you- I shall return
- by lynn, tumon
another great reading -more informative in questions thank you
- by lynn, tumon
He was so nice, fast, answered to all my questions pretty quickly and honestly too and confirmed everything for me. He also gave me great news to look for and i read more »
- by Adiee, USA
he has helped in my situation, i will certainly return for guidance
- by lynn, tumon
great session indeed will return ty
- by lynn, tumon
Great ready & Excellent of him. Very Accurate & so confident.
- by coolme, B
Was excellent reading im speechless always new updated.
- by coolme, b
Update myreading was so will know what he capable off..Thanks Problemsgoodbye
- by coolme, b
Is truelly helpful, and his work helps out outside of his sessions, definetely worth the time.
- by eklade, brooklyn
New update was so amazing & excellent work of him, very impressive. Thank Problemsgoodbye
- by coolme, b
Great & very amazing of his reading very very excellent.
- by coolme, B
really awesome
- by g, us
really fast and good
- by j, us
Does wonders for your life. Can fix anything
- by eklade, brooklyn
Fantastic!!!! Five Stars.
- by Mitch, V
very nice and helpful
- by golasham, PORT LOUIS
Have great reading...excellent & very accurate.
- by coolme, b
a very goood reader willing to help me by using his special abilities fantastic man too good 5 stars for him
- by golasham, MU
give him 5 starts
- by Vivia, Georgia
Will let him help me
- by Daniela P., Somerst Nj
Highly recommeded, very good reader, quick and fast. i believe in his words. all will heal.
- by Sooriamurthy, Singapore
Was Great reading...excellent
- by coolme, b
Helped a tremendous amount.
- by eklade, astoria
good answer
- by tim, bkrfld
Complete my reading was so great & amazing
- by SURVIVOR, b
Reading was so Great abt future...very interesting to hear that. Thanks Problemsgoodbye
- by coolme, b
amazing guy, very caring and honest he is amazing
- by spirit, uk
very good in detailing, however awaiting results.
- by Virginia Williams Campbell, Tobago
Reading for today is feeling great...
- by coolme, ban
Great reading again with him wont regret
- by coolme, b
Great reading...
- by coolme, p
Great reading again...very2 accurate.
- by coolme, b
Happy to have reading with him always have new news....great
- by coolme, B
He is wonderful and helpful and helping me out a great deal! I see results everyday! Thank you so much sir!
- by M, Canada
Great reading
- by Kesha, Atlanta
you are great reader u r really amazing. i was really satisfied and happy i got to know such reader lik you
- by golasham, x
He is great!! Helped me greatly!!!!!!
- by M, Canada
great update
- by zimerili1, orlando
I asked him about a man that I am interested in. Did a session for me at $100 and said I should check back with him in two days. I will post a comment if the read more »
- by LyndaCLogie, Cape Town
He cure my sadness to relax for this few days..try him u wont regret..
- by coolme, b
He is awesome
- by Kesha, Atlanta
very good
- by golasham, PORT LOUIS
i am confused my time should not have ended
- by jean jones , vero beach fl
good reading, v affordable and quick.
- by random, london
Continue to complete mysession..was great.
- by coolme, B
thanks a lot
- by meme, city
Done my session...feel better. Very acurate really ...try him u will speechless.
- by coolme, c
thanks a lot for help and nice reading! i truly enjoy every time. See you tomorrow. and thanks a lot !!!!
- by Pikanta , bkk
Reading always something new update which very2 accurate
- by coolme, b
Was satisfied with his reading....
- by coolme, b
It was lovely talking to you again. .. am more relaxed!! thanks a see you tomorrow :)
- by Pikanta, bkk
Very helpful of his reading & suggesting the more option for better result, wont regret unless to try.
- by coolme, b
very good
- by NANY 14, AMMAN
first time read n healing session...rather amazing
- by rosy, sg
M Happy his back....make me feel better.
He really amaze you..u will be speechless to hear it.
I don't know what i would do without you!!! you are amazing .. thanks again for the wonderful reading. c u tomorrow :)
- by Pikanta, bkk
He's very excellent reader..every reading always new story which telling whole truth.
- by coolme, b
It had an amazing healing session! He is a wonderful man and doing all to help me. :)
- by M, Canada
Thank you for all your help and prayers!!
- by M, Canada
Very interesting again n again...
- by coolme, ban
So far it's 5 stars.
- by *, *
really333 amazing...everytime reading always anything news that we dont tell he knows.
- by coolme, b
He really helpful & wont regret u at all.
- by coolme, M
great reader 10 stars
- by mhhearts, space
Reading alwayz amazing eveytime...try him wont regret
- by coolme, b
Problemsgoodbye is great! He KNOWS every details and gives you his best. It's amazing!
- by M, Canada
Problemsgoodbye is great! He is very intuitive and really helping me out! Thank you sir!
- by M, ON
very accurate and detailed read. gave an exact description of what is happening in my situation. Revealed some interesting things that I hadn't mentioned 100% accurate lots of useful advice Highly recommend him
- by GF, London
I am now happy of his work so many amazing things happened frm him. Try him you will happy & satisfied.
- by COOLME, B
Amazing!!! thanks.. i know you always do your very best for me because you care! thanks!!!
- by Pikanta1, BKK

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