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RELATIONSHIP EXPERT! Ask me ANYTHING! Every question has an answer & every problem has a solution!

I'm Graham Elkin, energetic healer and relationship expert. For years I have assisted thousands of clients with a vast array of questions, concerns and physical ailments. I have treated everything from broken hearts to hair loss and have yet to come across a client that I wasn’t able to help! I have many repeat and respected clients whom I value greatly. Please review their testimonials for a better understanding of what I can do!
Some of the most common healing requests:

• Relationship healing
• Weight Loss
• Depression
• Self Esteem
• Sress/anxiety

How does my energy healing work?

I heal using specific frequencies and vibrations. Everyone, everything, every thought and emotion holds a specific frequency. During a healing session, the required frequency is achieved specific to the client’s needs or concerns.

What to expect during a healing?

During a healing session it isn’t uncommon to experience a warmth or tingling sensation, ringing of the ears or even subtle messages via the sound of the vibration. For example many clients report hearing specific words in the healings, other report images, and others a simple “knowing” of how to move forward. For each person the healing will be unique – again please refer to my testimonial page for an indication of how others have experienced this healing.

® I have been a regular client of Graham’s for more than a year, but about 8 months ago I asked him to do a healing for my Autistic son. At the time, he was 6 years old and in a special education class. He was not meeting Kindergarten minimum standards and struggled greatly with speech issues and behaviour problems. It was amazing from the first “treatment” he began showing progress. The very next day he began having conversations with me that were uncharacteristic.
Graham has worked with his guides regularly and each time, he showed progress. Teachers noted fewer behaviour problems and even asked if I had changed his medicine. The fact was, I took him off his medication after the first “treatment”!
This summer he began “talking to himself” and when I talked to Graham, he explained that he was talking to his “guides”. I can’t argue though, he starting asking to read and excelling at math. By the start of this school year he was able to start a “standard” 1st grade curriculum! He is still in an “autistic” class, but on the same course of study. He has had very few behaviour issues and made leaps and bounds on his speech this year. I can’t express how happy I am with his progress and how much I owe to Graham for using his “guides” to open my son’s mind!

► Review from listener ◄
® I asked Munum to send me some energy as my eyes hurt. I have had this problem for two years now. I get severe dry eyes, they hurt so bad. I have never had a healing before so i didn’t know what to expect. I thought i would hear a bell ringing or something. Munum went ahead and did the healing. I heard like a crackling sound. At first i didnt think it had worked. Then a few seconds later i felt it. My shoulders and neck felt tingly and hot, then i started crying. It was an amazing feeling! You have no idea how much of a struggle this has been for me. I can't be more thankful to Munum for helping me. Its unbelievable!I wish i could give you a hug. Much love and thanks to you.

® had a great healing. I didn't even need to tell Graham what the problem was - Spirit knew and took care of it for me. Truly amazing! natei08, Adelaide

® A year ago to this month,i convinced my mom to try a new healing technique from Graham.My mom had been smoking for over 20 years and had tried stopping with no success,but i really wanted her to try again.I told her about Graham and the ability to help people to stop smoking with a healing.She agreed to try it,though she was not convinced.I must say to this day she is still NOT SMOKING!! I am amazed and so very gratefull to Graham for this experience and success! LILBRATS OHIO


® I ask for a reading about money and Munummedium checked with spirit and it said yes, in about 4 to 6 weeks. Well, lo and behold I got a mail indication I would be receiving a check from a Rust consulting within approximately 4 to eight weeks. This payment is related to an enforcement action regarding deficiencies in the mortgage servicing and foreclosure processes of Bank of America. Payment will be made by the paying agent Rust Consulting, Inc I moved to Fl. In 2008 and I rented my home there out. The people that leased my home did not pay the mortgage as agreed and they lied to me about paying it. However Bank of American never contacted me about the delinquent payment and as a result they foreclosed on the house. I received a letter once before indicating that Bank America did not notifiy me and it was fraud. When I called them they ask about who was renting the house and I told them. Bank of America was contacting them, However, they never contacted me since and the reason is because they own me money, how much I do not know. This was so in line with what Munummedium had told me just 2 days before. Munummedium, you have been right on the money and you are so correct in your spiritual receiving s. You are indeed the greatest I have had the pleasure of meeting in a long time. (Wildone70)

® Graham is the absolute best! I first met him 2-1/2 months ago. Not only did he immediately know my situation in details, AND make accurate predictions about my situation and the tremendous issues that I have been dealing with... but, he also helped me gain better and better insight into how things were unfolding, AND gave me the advice and healing needed to get through. And my life now is so amazing! He really, really helped me to reunite with my true love. I don't feel that these words justify how much he helped me, nor would 5 bazillion stars, but I have to let you all know how great Graham has been for me! He is not only a top notch psychic and medium, with wonderful and loving guides, but he is also a healer and someone who can really help people experience the great love that God and the Universe have to offer!
MerkabahMan633, San Diego, CA

® Oh my gosh, Graham is truly outstanding! Please put him at the top of the SHORT list with my biggest favorites. Being a bit psychic myself, I can see the energy-information move into his physical brain, and he so instantly give answers with certainty. He picked up on several main points that prove to me that he is genuine. Even when a psychic states the obvious, they are showing their talent. In the case of my reading it was his combination of stating the obvious and refuting the apparently obvious that resonated as truth to me. Great reading!
MerkabahMan633, San Diego, CA

® He provided a very amazing and accurate reading! Munummedium told me that my boyfriend would not be moving for a job and would be getting a job nearby where we live. The very next day, he received a call for a job in our area. The crazy thing about this is that my boyfriend does not recall submitting an application to the job in our area at all and so we were shocked when Munummedium's reading was unbelievably accurate! Definitely useful!
emartin625, New London

® Just wonderful. Very real. No way in the world he could have known the details. REAL DEAL FOLKS
Hopemaam, az
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Member testimonials

i got a healing just now. it was an amazing feeling . i will tell you how it goes. Thank yu so much Graham! :)
- by camibar, ny
- by ,
very good. he knew without me starting to talk :)
- by camibar, NY
- by gokelly, Australia
Graham is wonderful. I would never doubt a thing he says... he is very honest, accurate, and matter of fact.
- by Randi, Tempe
Graham is always so spot on
- by Randi, Tempe
Best reads!!
- by Juanita, Tampa
Thank You so much. Words of Wisdom as always.
- by laura, london
- by JB, FL
Great/accurate read!!!
- by Jack, Jacksonville
- by ,
Great as always =),fast and to the point
- by lyssabugg, providence
- by JB, FL
thank you for your relationship help
- by florida, florida
A very reasonable and good reading. Thank you!
- by Charlie, -
Had only a few credits left and this guy was very very very nice, understanding and helpful.
- by S., M
This guy has amazing healing abilities. Before I received a healing from him, I was experiencing so much anxiety. My anxiety attacks are gone now! I feel so muc read more »
- by M, W
I really like him. Great guy, very straight forward and picked right up on the situation.
- by Melissa, St. Louis
I have just had another healing session with Graham..... I feel completely calm inner peace.....His healing sessions our out of this be honest..... read more »
- by katha123, Ireland
I had a long conversation with Graham....he has completely reassured me as I have endured a lot of complicated heart-breaking cruel situations throughout my li read more »
- by Katha123, Ireland
- by JB, FL
SUPERMAN, very calm and insightful.
Thanks for helping me with my struggle of worrying xxx as always xxxx time is coming for me xx
- by capricorn_dancer, OZ
always the best
- by m, nola
it is so wonderful to get your advice Graham. You help me in many ways. Thank you.
- by bonnie, mansfield
- by JB, FL
very good advice
- by anwar, nashville
Had a great energy transfer. I could feel the energy in my hands. It was incredible
- by Jack, Jacksonville
Amazing, we did some energy work for twin flames and as always positive results to come. Don't think it three times. Just go in private and talk to munummedium. He will help you with your problems.
- by nextellife, florida
Great counselor! I am hoping his predictions come true.
- by ***, www
- by JB, FL
Thank you so much Graham. I asked him a question of "when" an action occurred and he said "yesterday." Sure enough, one of my friends texted me that the same action occurred yesterday and she was an eye witness! Haha!
- by JB, FL
Thanks Graham always love hearing the truth and getting clairity on my up comings. I understand exactly just want him here sooner. xoxox
- by ll, MI
amazing, words can't describe this man's power to heal
- by nextellife, florida
- by JB, Fl
Thanks Graham!
- by JB, FL
He's awesome, love this man!
- by SN, Mel
Thanks for everything
- by JB, FL
What a great healing session. I have had a session done before for myself too. This is for a friend in need. He's such a great man and feel immediate energy rush after the session.
- by MK, mk
- by jb, fl
- by JB, FL
love my readings with graham he is actually the only one I can trust and don't complain about wasting my money on... I have totqal faith in him and I believe ev read more »
- by vikki, essex
Good reading, encouraging. Thank you Graham
- by Ganesh, Nassau
- by ness, toronto
Thanks G!
- by Jack, Jacksonville
Munum is the best!
- by Kat, Madison
He said he would contact me in three days, three days later I got the message I was waiting for.
- by Lyssa, providence
Excellent as always!
- by mina10, london
Thanks graham!!
- by JB, Fl
Accurate read!
- by JB, FL
Amazing healer and advisor.
- by Stacy, Baltimore
I feel so different. I could hear my guides too. Incredible experience! Can't recommend him enough!!!!!! Thank you so much Graham! You're one of the best if not the best psychic medium on Oranum!
- by GratefulOne14, London
Thanks Graham! Great Read!!!
- by JB, FL
My mind has been officially blown! :) He is sooo fast and connected - broke down the situation quickly and super accurately before I could even say a word. It's read more »
- by Seeker1200, USA
This man is truly a gift from god. He is the real deal. 100% feeling better after healing session with him. brought up memories of happiness with my heart in knowing I am still one with these feelings
Amazing! Don't know why i didn't come to him for a reading before! Please have a reading with him, he's absolutely spot on!
- by GratefulOne14, London
Lovely Graham. He is the best. Better than the rest. Awesome. Thank you for all the guidance....and patiencs. xx
- by laura, london
5 stars ***** On the spot accurate.... Love him.... One of the BEST on this site. Channels in IMMEDIATELY, INSTANTLY, and is so calm. You won't waste your time or money. Worth it.
- by Quest , Houston
Fantastic. Always soo wonderful. Accurate. It's like he sees a camera and sees what is happening. Fast, A++++++
- by Quest , Houston
Just had a great update from Graham who once again was reading me before I even got into the private reading. Just amazing. If you haven't given him a try you read more »
- by Ray, Harrisburg
Im going on a family ski trip on saturday. graham said the guy i am seeing will be coming with me. I didn't believe him because he wasn't invited? My dad asked read more »
- by Jack, Jacksonville
Fantastic advice and fab as always xxxx
- by Steph Porter, UK
finishing session - so far most powerful. I feel I met Graham on a purpose in my life and he's become my guide. I really like his spiritual, yet very down to ea read more »
- by jazzychic, london
i highly recommend investing in sessions with graham if you want to see real life improvements. great healer.
- by jazzychic, london
he is great, quick sharp accurate.
I always enjoy our sessions. He is powerful!
- by tlimms2008, Ofallon mo
Very honest, straight forward and right!
- by tlsimms2008, ofallon
Ive lost 4 lbs with the weight loss healing!
- by JB, FL
- by ,
- by jb, fl
Thanks graham
- by jb, fl
My first time with graham ands it was a very powerful healing session. thank you so much
- by c, B
He is great to talk to. He truly connects and understands. I am new to him, so we shall see if his predictions come true. I do feel good about the fact that they will.
- by L, Y
This man is fantastic. Super patient and understanding! He def tells you what you need to hear not what you want to hear and doesn't waste your time doing it. read more »
- by Randi, Tempe
- by NinaLynn, Cleveland
Thanks graham!
- by JB, FL
Fantastic guy absolutely love him!
- by Randi, Tempe
Ive become a regular customer of Graham because I see effects of his healings in real life . There are many things that happened after each session and there's read more »
- by jazzychic7, london
Just received a healing from! Very interesting. I am currently feeling quite calm and at peace. I am feeling much more positive as well. I will return with more detail on the outcome of all of this.
- by M, W
Quite incredibly insightful and a really lovely energy. His accuracy and insight was pretty phenomenal, I have to say! I'm really looking forward to having a pe read more »
- by kareniva, London
Graham was fantastic he was right on with things about me and my situation. I mean he was right on so it was a very good session and also had some healing done read more »
- by Raym, Harrisburg
It is always wonderful to talk with Munum!!
- by Kat, Madison
Fabulous energy work!! They have never failed me before!!
- by Randi, Tempe
A very good psychic honest and always nice .. I would reccommend him to everyone who visits oranum.. He has helped me alot ..
- by Romy Marylou Amber, Arnhem
Had an insomnia healing and was asleep instantly
- by Jack, FL
Always an amazing session with Graham!! I have grown so much with his guidance!!!
- by penny, wpb
- by kat620, california
Thanks Graham
- by Juanita, Tampa
Wonderful man! Easy to talk to, fast connection, accurate with current situation. I feel good about the predictions that he has made for me. We shall see ~
- by ***, ***
I have been having healing sessions with Graham....He is just out of this world!!!! Ive experienced so many wonderful sensations during each session...he has su read more »
- by Katha123, Ireland
Master at predictions!!
- by Jack, Jacksonville
Always amazing to speak to. thank you very much!
- by marie7498, uk
- by ,
Had a weight loss healing and canont tell you how great it was! Thanks graham. I eat like a bird now, no effort
- by jb, fl
Great reading! He felt it on the spot, very accurate. Thank you :-)
- by sunshine147, denmark
- by ,

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