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***** Predictions ***** Astrologer * Tarot * Angle Communications * Clairvoyance

Know anything about yourself or the situation you are in. I am a psychic, clairvoyance, astrologer, tarot reader and always in communication with angles.

To receive any answers in your life and a guidance you have never experienced, have a private chat with me at an amazing price $0.99. Feel free to discuss your past situation in the free chat at no cost.

After my years of study, in-depth research and real life observations, I provide appropriate guidance on various topics such as

•Marriage, Soul mate, Love matter, Relationship Issues
•Education, Studies
•Career, Business, Job
•Financial matter, Self earnings, Inheritance
•Property, Home
•Legal matter
•Travel, Relocation etc.

You can have an horoscope reading from me or a tarot reading. For horoscope reading, you need to provide the Date of birth (DOB), Time of birth (TOB), and Place of birth (POB - for place, provide only if you are comfortable).

Get an in-depth reading from me so that I can correctly point out the ups and down periods of your life, when your situation would improve, what would be your strengths in life which you can strengthened further to receive benefits, what are the conscious and subconscious forces working with you for your benefits and how the situation would move towards in due time.

Make sure to receive the "MESSAGE OF THE DAY" from the ANGELS to know how angles are helping you and in which area you need to work on, so that your life would be happy and always be on the right path. (This takes maximum 1-2 minutes).

About Me:
Certain phenomenon happened with me since the beginning when I was child. I could talk to animals, little less I know that in modern terms it was telepathy. I would be able to perform complex tasks in very short time as if the time was moving very slowly. I could find answers in the air which in modern terms is claircognizance, could sense the spirits and the probable future, and was able to tell accurately what is happening with people when connected, and higher dimensional beings channelled through me to give guidance to others. I felt the presence of angles and my spirit guides talking to me and guiding me throughout life and helping others through me.

Love, Peace, Joy, Happiness and Abundance of Luck.
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Experienced in

Vedic astrology, Tarot reading, Angel communication, Home and family, Career and business, Finance and law, Travelling and relocation, Mind and body

Member testimonials

a good astrology, provides detailed life paths for better future planning
- by Av, australia
She is very good with good insight. She is kind but also very honest with the situation at hand. much gratitude.
- by Kosmo, PHL
- by zimerili1, orlando

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