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*** WHITE MAGIC!!! ♥ NATURAL BORN Psychic Clairvoyant Medium ♥ NO TOOLS ♥ Relationship & LOVE Readings♥ I can Foresee things, see and hear spirits ♥ SOULMATE readings ♥ Healings ♥ Spirit Connection ♥ Black Magic/SPELL Removal ♥ Energy Healing ♥ HONEST ANSWERS ♥ , * Clairvoyant *Empath ♥Career Guide* Dream Interpreter♥ Spiritual Guide

PLEASE WAIT AT LEAST 2 MINS for me to come to my Private room to READ for you if I'm in ONLINE mode

My spirits are very sensitive to your energy vibrations in the universe...Pl come fr a private session if you want exact answers and solutions to your problems.
I am also a healer and help cleanse your spirit, auras and chakras so the power of the universe can flow through you and make you healthy and wealthy...

==============================ABOUT ME =================================

My name is Rita . I have been a psychic all my life, by birth.
I always had the ability to see things before they happened, and get a better perspective of my life as it unfolded in front of me.
The ability to see, CLAIRVOYANCE in the beginning helped me a great deal in my studies as I always knew what questions will be aksed in my exams. :) I then later started using my abilities to help my friends and family resolve issues, and guide them to take the right step.
Im also an EMPATH which helps me feel what others feel, I can feel people's energies and understand their emotions.

I later at the age of 12 got acquainted with my Spirit Guides, who are still with me, and always help me find the right answers and guidance I seek. They are willing to help anyone in need and always speak the TRUTH, nothing more and nothing less.
I'm also a facereader, as my id goes, I can see peoples characteristics from their faces, their behavioural patters, and personality traits... It helps me understand people before I even talk to them.
I also have learn the art of Numerology , and a rare form of reading called Chimbaliki reading which helps me divine very accurate answers...

I have not learnt to do all this from any book or anyone... what I have is a gift given to me by god, from the time I was born. It's also pretty early that i got to realize what I have... The ability to predict, heal and nurture.
I believe I have been given these gifts to save the world... and make people and every living creature happy...
I also have the ability to HEAL, humans, plants and animals...( Refer to the story at the end)


Spirit Mediumship
Face reading
Energy reading
Healing Energies and Chakras
Removing bad energy
Removing Spells
Candle Readings
Connecting to other Spirits and lost loved ones.
Meditative Solutions to Problems
Stress Release


Love Expert
Relationship Expert

Soulmate Readings and Understanding
Spell Breaking
Stress Release Exercises
Connecting to Past Loved ones
Connecting to Lost Spirits
Career Guide
Financial Guidance
Business Advice
Resolving Health Issues
Protection from negative influences and Energy
Gaining a stronger Aura and energy circle,

=============================RULES of FREE CHAT==========================



You can come for a reading with me from 9:00 am- 10:00 PM IST between Mon- Fri
Im Unavailable on Weekends usually ( Sat and Sunday)
If Im unavailable on a weekday, its because I have some Important work, so u can wait fr me that day, or come the next week day.
If not in FREE CHAT, I will be in ONLINE mode. Please look for me if u need me, I will be with u in less then 2 mins, If u ring for me.

=============================EMAIL READINGS============================

If im not there, U can Request this...and I will be more than obliged to give u the BEST advice in the QUICKEST time.

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=======================TRUE STORY about a PUPPY==========================

By nicolem

I want to tell you about my experience with facereadernow, but first I must tell you what happened to my adorable Saint Bernard; Murphy. On Tuesday evening he was outside playing, my fiance brought him in and called me downstairs, he informed me something was wrong with him. I started looking at him and he was just standing in our dining room shaking. I quickly dismissed anything was wrong with him by saying that he was probably just cold. I sat there staring at him and his hind legs fell to the floor and within the same minute his front legs gave out as well. I started to panic, because he couldn't get up at all. I had my fiance carry him to the bathtub; still thinking he was cold and we ran the tub with warm water. We got him out within a few minutes and wrapped him in a blanket and he still wouldn't get up. Michael, my fiance started calling our vet's office and of course it was closed. I got online and started searching 24/7 vets. We live in a small city and the closest vet was 2 1/2 hours away. They told Michael it would be $85 for a check-up and if anything else was needed they could put us on a plan, so we took our kids to my brothers and me and my sister-in-law went to the vets office, they quickly informed us that whoever he had talked to misinformed us. They did a check-up to confirm it wasn't bloat and gave him some "free" valium; then they said they thought he ate a poisonous plant and he needed surgery and that it would cost another $2000 and wouldn't give us a payment plan. We have two young sons and don't have that kind of money. They basically turned us away and told us there was nothing else they could do then. We took him back home and continued to watch the tremors get worse and worse; as I googled every plant and every poison to try to figure it out. After I found what I thought to be the cause (Water Hemlock); it said if he lived past the first 6 hours that he would have a good chance of survival. He progressed and after 2 days he seemed to stop convulsing and his breathing was regular. He could then eat and drink, but he was still paralyzed completely. On the third day he started lifting his head and on the fourth started scooting or sloshing across the floor. Last night was the fourth night and I was at my wits end, I was scared that he would never walk again. I got on Oranum as I use to get on often and found a lady named facereadernew. I asked her if she could help; I told her how desperate I was to help my dog. She told me that she could not do anything besides give me a healing tip. I did exactly what she had told me and everytime i tried to heal him, he would point to the place which pained him most with his nose... And I kept on doing today the fifth day Murphy can stand and take a few steps at a time. He's been doing it most of the day. I honestly want everyone to know how amazing, caring and loving facereadernew truly is. She gave me one simple tip and now my dog is able to get up and take steps. She is the greatest person; I have never came in contact with anyone on Oranum as great as she is and I hope somehow I can put a good word out for her. As Murphy lies on my floor right now trying his best to stand and walk; I know what she told me was the truth and given to me with love. My entire family is grateful to her; including Murphy. I searched for a Saint for 6 months; drove a total of 12 hours to get him; he's now a little over 4 months old and I owe it all to facereadernew that he is still will us. Thank you more than words!!!

Video of Murphy walking::

(copy paste links in address bar to see video)


GOD BLESS YOU and always keep SMILING :) ~~~~~~~~~~~ ******~~~~~~~~~~~~~

=================================== REVIEWS ==========================================

You know facereadernew is a very gifted reader. She has not only forecasted things that have come true, and continue to do so, she completely feels your current state with utmost accurate. You can spend a lot of money with psychics, what I love about facereadernew is that she taught me tools (that you cannot find online) that have real measurable results for your physical state, metaphysical state and well-being. Ill be using these for a life time!
jp, america

.I love her! She is as real as it gets. Money is always well spent. She is very resourceful and helpful. Very accurate within a short period of time. GO TO HER!
cosmoem88, Safety harbour

I love her! She is dead on and incredible with knowing details that were not given to her. Very sweet gal. 5 Stars. Probably the best Psychic so far on the site!
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Member testimonials

- by amrita, henrdon
excellent, in-tune reader, always helpful and accurate
- by alotlikedorothy, sunnyvale
gerat connection as always. detailed and accurate.
- by beauty, na
Facereader is the best! Direct intuitive, freindly and caring, and offers remedies an good suggestions. Good at reading the chakras. A wonderful person.
- by Cinnamon Bear, Grump Junction, Co
As usual, spot on, quick and to the point. Rita is one of, if not my favor Oranum.
- by Tricey, DC
she did no sugarcoacting very great reading thnak you
- by lb, usa
thankyou for an honest reading . await results . await your predictions come true soon . they are true just need to manifest with time . my case is one that requires times . thank you indeed .
- by shela, uk
Very good reading indeed, recommend her to everyone thank you so very much, will be back for updates many blessings
- by Libsta, australia
she was very polite and welcoming. I felt my reading was really well spent and accurate. I am definitely going to tune in again for another session with her!! s read more »
- by sofia , VALLEJO
She was great. I am really impressed! Readers who use no tools are the best! She was very genuine and honest and direct. She knew exactly what she was talking a read more »
- by Tana, bev
had good connection, reading was great!
- by AV, TX
very good reading. Highly recommend
- by Cindy, Woodsdie
Good reading, honest and quick connection. Reccomended!
- by B, O
- by Gabriel, Australia
Shes awesome, her insight is so pure , and is a warm and caring person. Shes also a good enrgy healer has healed me on numerous occasions.
- by Jade Emperor, Povungnituk, Siberia
- by eveliz, cali
As always she gives the very best readings :) she has a big heart and a warm welcome and doesn't sugar coat her readings.
- by Nia , Boston
a lovely detailed and accurate space as always. I am happy to connect again with reader.
- by beauty, na
She told me the honest truth. Very caring
- by Naadira , NYC
honest - will consider her advice
- by mm, sydney
Great reading!!! Very helpful!
- by Danielle, Dayton
- by MMarmalade, Alaska.
Never fail to be amazed by facereader, she's very perceptive. A sweet and caring person too.
- by Aloysius Crabtree, Orick, Ca
- by LJ, Ohio
Great reading again.....i keep coming back she's very intuitive and has given good counsel.
- by Larry Lifeblood, Wenatchee Junction, Virginia
another excellent reading from facereader.....
- by Jade Emperor, Forbidden City, China
facereader's a gem.....she has healing skills and a good intuitive ability....ive had several readings and healings and they all have helped and brought me to t read more »
- by Santosha Contentmenti, Varanasi, India
Rita was great - she answered all my questions and put my mind at ease. She's very easy to talk to and very polite. I look forward to her predictions. :)
- by JL, Australia
always 100% on point
- by April, Sunnyvale
I think Rita was fantastic! I feel she is a real deal and gave an honest answer about what will happen. She gives a fair bit of information and has a calm pers read more »
- by JL, Australia
Coming back
- by JL, Australia
The best on here! Very genuine and true to God in her work. Gentle in her advice while she does not mince words when delivering the truth. My favorite go-to read more »
- by Miracle, Mumbai
amazing!!!! so helpful :)
- by krissy, nc
Right off the edge GREAT....... now its time to see what will happen. Thank you
- by Brenda, Honolulu
Good. Fast reader. Specific predictions. We will see if she's correct.
- by mstein327, US
Great reading!!! Very fast at typing and answered all of my questions. Thank you again!
- by Nicole, Pittsburgh
I like it! She is very nice and easy to talk to
- by Boombox24, Colombia
spot on
- by kenny, laurel
thank you, great reading... very on point and accurate.
- by Mp, ny
The only person I trust. I have been coming to her for 2 years now and have never been disappointed.
- by Rahul, Eindhoven, Netherlands
- by Clive Barker, ORLANDO, FLA.
Very accurate and on point. Gave me timelines which I am looking forward to. She seemed very sincere and she is such a sweetheart.
- by Tricey, NY
- by ad31983, NEPTUNE
positive and constructive advice and promising. Thank you
- by t, t
- by alotlikedorothy, Sunnyvale
- by Yeni, Oakland
She seems like the real deal. I will sit and wait xxxxxxxxxxxx
- by Me, MArs
Rita was very attentive, focused, and heard me out while being very gentle in her advice and insights. She was able to pick things without the use of any tools read more »
- by Miracle, India
Wonderful reading!!! Very accurate and to the point, did not sugar coat and very fast typist. Well pleased with my reading she really did a great job. Well worth it.
- by Stephanie, BH
Good healing....shes helping me upgrade chakra system and remove blocks....warm and supportive energy.
- by Lammonator, Red Cap orleans
What a good healer. Shes good at moving energy around and for identifying blocks to fulfillment. We found some issues that needed work and i appreciate her i read more »
- by Lammonator, Oakland Ca
thank you. good reading.
- by plutogirl, la
Very and clear and worthy for the money. thx
- by Lotus474, ROTTERDAM
Facereadernew was absolutely amazing, accurate, and right on the money! She picked up quickly and accurately on my situation and its many issues. I was so ver read more »
- by angolob, SW United States
This woman is very clear and blatantly honest. Just what we all need. Thank you very much Love Reader. We will meet again.
- by Shan Shine, USA
right on the button
- by kris, detroit
amazing just what i need to hear :) thank you so much
- by Shania pelletier, Calgary
good update
- by zimerili1, orlando
Good reading. Different from what others have said. August is her prediction 2015. oh well. Thank you
- by Angela, New Zeland
You are awesome...straight forward and very accurate ...thank you so so much! Very fast no waisting of time...loved that.
- by Elle, SA
Different than others have said but in any case I'll have to wait and see what happens.
- by ., LULU
she is very good psychic and confident on her readings. She has very quick connection and provides very detailed readings with a specific timeframe for her prediction. I'm waiting to see things to happen.
- by susan, san jose
very insightful
- by sweetsx, london
I wish i had more time, great read
- by Hana, Los Angeles
always a beautiful insight and on point.
- by mariasheart, usa
I enjoyed the reading -- she is very fast and gets the answers out quickly! I look forward to seeing if predictions comes true; the advice was very on point!
- by Kelsey, Chalfont
a lovely connection with details as usual.. I am always happy in our time in session. I am amazed by her quick response too.
- by beautywithinone, na
Thank you so much! Only names and Dob's needed and she knew my situation. Thank you for the reading!
- by Garace123, `
She is very good and I feel alil better wha she tells me and I kno i need to work harder and make things Right , Very Gd and One of the Best On Here !!!
- by Nessa, Boston
She is straight to the point and honest!!! I highly recommend her
- by Umabalan, Newcastle
all the most important i wanted to know was responded precisely love her :)
- by fruitopiatropica, canada
Very Good and Quick and to the point no draggin convo on for extra credit ... Thank you and Brings Hope and Faith to nur situation !! Thank U
- by Nessa, Boston
another superb update reading thanx a million
- by zimerili1, orlando
She is very good and I recommend her for a reading
- by Pammy826, Missouri
thank you
- by zimerili1, orlando
I think she's very good at what she does and on the money.
- by Leonard, columbia
she is fast connected, accurate....thanksso much..
- by happy , chicago
- by e, df
Spot on highly recommend!
- by Chelle, Reno
Thank you! I always enjoy reading with you because you have such a positive energy about you and quick and extremely helpful! Thanks
- by Felicia, albany
right to the point, gave clear insight.
- by ambi, ct
Always looking forward for the update with her.
- by youralice, .
Always looking forward for the update with her
- by youralice, .
Wonderful update. Reassuring.
- by youralice, .
She was fast and good
- by tasha_j, Europe
Very good n fast reader accurate still need to find out more and hoping predictions come true.
- by Tina , Justin
Thanks for the great update and advice always
- by youralice, .
Great connection and very good reading..def recommend to all!!
- by missvika, Kapolei
she is awesome!
- by ml, la
That was one reading that left me speechless! Amazing accuracy, no tools used, just pure intuition, and her ability is outstanding. I really don't know what mor read more »
- by Spearhead2011, LONDON
really good
- by L, uk
a lovely reading. i will be back.
- by beautywithinone, na
She is very honest; good and very accurate. I recommend her. Thank you for the reading it helped me.
- by Theodora, Laval
Very good update.
- by a, xxx
Face was a good reader. Didn't sugar coat it. I didn't like to hear that life will be a struggle but I guess it is what it is. Thank you!
- by Evie, Boston
she connected to me!! such a sweetheart and very on point..thank you so much!!
- by Lehua, Kapolei
A truly lovely and gifted person of the highest degree. She connected instantly with me and was able to see my situation. I was blessed by this communion. I ran out of time but will be back...
- by beautywithinone, na
Fast and to the point response to the questions that I have. Thank you very much. Will take advice and see how it goes! Definitely should give a try if you want a straight to the point answer
- by Van Anh, Hubert
Very highly recommended. Anybody should come seek her for help.
- by a, xxx

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