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Im a Reiki Master Teacher with a background in Guidance Counseling - a Body Psychotherapist.. Im also a trained aesthetician and traditional herbalist. from a lineage of the Cockpit .Country Maroons, the first set of Enslaved Africans to free themselves from slavery using magic and forming the first Republic in the New World. I do a unique combination of the Tarot and I-Ching to help people solve/answer numerous issues. I do spiritual alters and baths to clear negative energies and influence or alter circumstances faced by my clients in their favor. This is a gift from my Maroon ancestry , amplified by my Reiki Initiation. I believe in the holistic approach to counseling and healing.
I started this path not intentionally as I was trained in the field of business management and had my plans set on being a success in co-operate business, but was brought to this point after numerous tragic incidents including near death experiences and utter disaster in my business and money affairs back in '97. I was initiated Reiki 1 in '99 and the journey began.
I began working as a professional healer fulltime in 2003 after my Aesthetician training, by then I was a Master and had been taking advanced bodywork with my Master, Dr Judith Baptist as I apprenticed as Master/Teacher under her watch. The study of traditional herbal healing is on going and is a great part of my work, both for internal and external cleansing and healing of my clients.
I have my own company offering these services in Jamaica and work with locals as well as tourists to the island. I advertise in both major news tabloids, The Observer and Gleaner for over 7 years. By my clients reference my readings are between eighty to ninty five percent accurate. I have repeat clients who have used my services from the inception of my business.*
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Tarot reading, I ching, Reiki, Crystal healing, Natural healing, Chakra healing, Mind and body, Health and healing, Rituals and energies

Member testimonials

very good reading.
- by nimblesue, colorado
Loved Tsahai very honest wish I could spend more time with her. Get a reading with her you won't be sorry.
- by Diamondskye, NJ
She is truly amazing, pick up on everything .. even how i was feeling and thinking which is really great.. Just give her a Try You won't regret it!! Will be back soon Tsahai God bless, Sugarbear
- by Shanni, STAMFORD
not much time but very great in the time we had
- by eb, ny
Great energy... great reading
- by nm, aus
I just had a followup reading with Tsahai and yet again, she was great - provided some insight on the people that I am dealing with and how best to act in achie read more »
- by LarimarGem, Victoria, Australia
she gives the best advices ever. the best advices.
- by ansh, winnipeg
Awesome awesome awesome! Waiting for these next 8 weeks to go by. I'll be back Tsahai! Thank you
- by L, USA
Tsahai is something special. Not sure how to put it into words. She picks up on things you might be suspecting. Brings clarity to your situation. She turned my frown upside down. :-)
- by L, USA
Very accurate. I connected with her immediately. She spoke directly to my situation and gave me an on time word that helped me wade through matters of my heart. read more »
- by Yusuflioness, Montgomery, AL
I am impressed at her abilities. She reads me very well. Wish I had more time. I'm curious to see how everything plays out. :)
- by Lady La, USA
Loved her, She really put things into perspective for me. I have been getting good information but I think she just summed it all up. Love it, love it, love it! See you tomorrow.
- by Mzladii88, Wisconsin
Tsahai was right on the money, described everything that is going on in my life at this time based on the question I asked. It's great to get a heads up and a c read more »
- by lighttraining, Chicago
She was very good and right on point... Wish I had more time with her...
- by Jenny, British Columbia
She was so right about my situation! Head on and so honest!! I know that I am being tested and I hope that with her help I can win! Thank you so much!!
- by Barbara, Maryland
As always spot on, great info, thank you. High 5!
- by queenbee22, BRONX
She did a great job and let me know where his head is at! I will definitely use her again.
- by misty, clinton
Awesome!! Time went so fast. All that was said was exactly right. Will be back for more. Highly recommend.
- by hanna, here
It was so accurate...It was like she knew exactly what was going on...Without me even having to give too much information...She was very direct and told me exac read more »
- by Molly, Roanoke
Very Good Reading.
- by georgiapeach21, ft. wainwright
Wow 300 stars, she really knows her cards, she is very good, highly recommended, she has giving me clarity, right on spot, with everything, will recommend you, god bless, you're amazing. :)
- by candace, la
tsahai is great and explains the spread very well. i'll come back.
- by easy, ny
AMAZING READING!!! I came back to get a full reading after a mind blowing demo she gave me last night. Every card that she read for me was so accurate and ident read more »
- by Seeker1200, USA
Reading was very good... highly recommended!!!
- by smole11, al
Tsahai gave a great reading and picked up on certain aspects of my life without my saying. Would definitely recommend and will be back to give updates on the future. Thanks again!!
- by Courtney, NY
Wow, what can I say, this lady is the best on here. She truly is amazing and understood my situation so clearly, like nobody else has. I will have another rea read more »
- by Verity, Melbourne, Australia
Good reading, very truthful in reflecting my current situation!!! Well done!
- by Accentit, Orlando
She really understands her cards. She properly puts them into perspective and has accurate insight. I will be back. Thank you.
- by Jennifer , City
Tsahai is very intimate and passionate about her work. She is dedicated and wants to help. My reading thus far was truly on point and I am very thankful. It did read more »
- by Mahli17Bey, Tampa
She is very good and give a lot of detail, please go to her. Thanks!
- by chantal, chicago
She was amazing read so well for me even though my energy was a bit chaotic when we started. Love her and I'll be back soon. Thank you, thank you, cant say it enough.
- by silliLilli, san diego
Great reading, very fast, very honest, great advice.
- by musha1, canada
Just Great what more can I say lol thx u
- by queenbee22, BRONX
I have never had a reading quite like this..very interesting the cards were right about my situation I didn't say much of anything I will take heed the advise read more »
- by islandgirl, westland
Tsahai is a wonderful person as a whole and a great reader. She says things which is so real that only you know about yourself. No one should miss the opportuni read more »
- by Gina, Edmonton
Very quick, direct and very insightful and helpful. Thank You!
- by Jobygirl, SF
Her reading was on the mark! She gave me great advice and put my mind at ease. I will most definitely come back for another reading. Wish I had more time.
- by lisa, Toronto
Very spot on with my business situation & the people involved. Will come back for updates!!! Highly recommend her!
- by Pam, Louisville
Unbelieveably accurate!!!!! Very informative. RECOMMEND TO ALL!!!
- by Erik, LA
Delightful, lovely, thank you for 2014, beautiful!
Tsahai very good, I am obtaining more credits. xx
- by Love answers, Ontario
Very supportive, I need this right now, I'll keep in touch.
- by malinka88, Orlando
Reading was very in depth, very accurate, and gave me many things to look forward to for now, and in the near future. She addressed and answered all of my conce read more »
- by CourageousL, Fort Worth, Texas
Very on point with the reading. This is my second reading. I love it. I will definitely come back again. She is very down to earth and honest. I would recommend her to anyone.
- by mandy, NASHVILLE
She was very accurate
- by Staci, Atlanta
Very good.
- by T, Houston
Very informative and a lot of detail. Can't wait to see what happens.
- by Trina, Houston
Thank you! Very thorough reading, lots of information in a very short time. Very accurate. She does not waste any time.
- by madame_diesing, USA
Awesome reading!! :)
- by Leon123, CA
She was accurate.
- by Staci, Atlanta
I love her laugh. It was loads of fun! I wanted to just keep talking and joking with her. She knows her stuff, and i'm really excited for the future now!
- by Holly, Maine
Well, I will watch look. Thanks for great spread, lots of information, God Bless.
- by queenbee22, BRONX
I thought the reading was very insightful and helpful. Tsahai really helped me to focus on my goal and find the answer which I have been looking for.
- by Elizabeth, Miami
She was accurate.
- by Staci, Atlanta
Thank you so much ..I appreciate your honest reading
- by scorpio moon, usa
like always she is awesome. she is very explanatory and got to love her period. she is my first choice. dont know what I would do without her.
- by RCee21, USA
Wow, thanx for the spread! Hv to watch my pockets but it shows me I did the right thing. You confirmed it. Hold back. God Bless. Hugs.
- by queenbee22, Bronx
Thank you, 10 star omg!
- by cuteface1972, florida
She's very dead on! I am grateful that I had the reading done! Thank you!
- by Nicole W, Baltimore
Wow thx u for that very powerful uplifting information, its been long time coming !! God Bless.
- by queenbee22, BRONX
It was an honor to have such a magnificent reading with this beautiful lady. Everything that she spoke about was correct. Her insight into the situation was also great.
- by TrueRadiance, N/A
She explains the cards well, so if u don't have a good understanding/ knowledge of the cards she is excellent. I always love her readings.
- by RCee25, U.S.
Thank you very much for my reading! I am wishing you many blessings!
- by Kayeluv1, Atlanta
Like I told Tsahai *I AM HOOKED ON HER* I love her reading and will keep coming back for more.
- by Sandra, san jose ca
Love Tsahai, she is really honest and a lovely person. Am excited about my reading.........
- by Debd29, Phoenix
I loved her she is great and she is right on about what she said about me...
- by sandra , san jose
good reading willahve to see if it passes through
- by Jesintha Ramamoorthy, uae
Awesome reading very very accurate 10 star.
- by cuteface1972, florida
Always a pleasure getting a reading from Tsahai, very patient and insightful. I hope to see how everything plays out in the next 12 months !
- by Paige, Philly
Good reading lots of information to take in!
- by deketchie, salisbury
- by queenbee22, BRONX
Awesome as always thx.
- by scorpio moon, ga
Oh mah gosh! Could I adore her anymore? She's so warm, intuitive, and such a bright light! Thank you!
- by Zeigen, Dallas, Texas
Love Tsahai, she good at what she does not matter what it is I'm sure... Thank you!
- by Debd, Phoenix
My reading with Tsahai was on target. I was advised and though I felt nervous in the beginning I left the room feeling love and warmth in my heart. She is hone read more »
- by Natalie ollivierre, Kingstown
Tsahai was very accurate even though I did not reveal much about my situation. She is very helpful in putting things into perspective.
- by risenphoenix, Brooklyn
Thank you so much. 5 stars!
- by cuteface1972, florida
- by JuicyJoanna, arkansas
Right on point. She gave me the best reading ive ever had and was very explainitory. Thank you so much for the help.
- by RCee, texas
- by RCee, TX
Thank you Tsahai. Truly appreciate your perspective and knowledge. Thanks again. I hear you.
- by brenda, Stockton Cali
I am really happy with Tsahais readings she is so informative...
- by deb, phoenix
wonderful wonderful God Bless!!
- by queenbee22, BRONX
- by RCee21, odessa
Very good descriptive reading!!!!
- by kisha , newark
Tsahai was great, accurate and precise with her advice.
- by laurie, KENDALL PARK
She's amazing! Great personality! Very informative and makes sure to explain everything.
- by Rose H, Orlando
Wow, very useful reading. Lots of insight into my situation. I will definitely return for another. God Bless.
- by plutogirl76, los angeles
Thank you we I ran out..
- by scorpio moon, GA
Really really great reading she is a nice person. I will be back, thank you very much.
- by Tony, london
She was to the point, accurate, detailed and helpful.
- by Leslie Kay, USA
Thank you.
- by zimerili1, orlando
wish i had more time
- by man13, calif
This is my second reading with Tsahai. What she predicted in my first reading came "true" so I hope that this reading does as well. I'd definitely recommend her read more »
- by Paige, Philadelphia
Best Reader I've had!
- by Calvin, Atl
thanks again...
- by scorpio moon, usa
Lovely update thank you very much, will talk to you again 5 stars
- by queenbee22, bronx

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