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Arohanui means “bless you” in maori.

I’m inviting you in my room, please have a look at my testimonials, as through the experience of the people who already brought me to private, you can understand if I’m the right person that can help you.

My privates are usually divided in two parts. In the very first part you can decide if you want a celtic cross, a spread of 10 cards with my beautiful deck, or you simply want me to sense your energy, or both.

And then you will have full insight first of all on your present situation, what are the energies that are influencing and challenging you now. I will go deep in your past, to reach to root of your concern.
Right after I will show you what is behind you in your recent past, what you can’t see.. And your crowning thoughts, the thoughts of your divine intelligence which you are sending to the Universe.

And then we will jump into your future, what is about to happen first of all in a week time, and from that moment we will movein different time frame, clarifying in each what will be your thoughts, the external factors, what you will think about it and what the other will think, and moreover what your wishes will be.

And with the last card, the 10th, I will answer to a precise direct question..
Those are all the insight you can get in a reading with me. How much time does it take ? From 5 minute to the infinite...



What is the experience of please after a reading with me ? Here you go same example :

Sensei connected to me with his incredible energy and without any kind of info was able to tell me my past and gave me a full and deep description of my future in different area. I was amazed. Never felt such a connection before. My skin is still shivering."

Sensei is extraordinary, he gave me a deadline, 5th of january and he did it. I'm back again with my Emma. He is the number one in ORANUM for love issue and expecially reconciliation"

What can I say sensei is the best. he is not here for the money, he is here to truly help and invested to help others. sensei is accurate and will be by your side to make your wish come true, whatever that may be that you want. sensei is the best"

My psychic journey.
Started as I lay there in the darkened womb, wide awake, my head firmly buried under the amniotic fluid, For many of you this was a celestial experience, not for an RH negative.
However I was not alone, I dreamt so many times this experience. The darkness was around me trying to pull me out. One day It decided to kill me in, my Mom fall down the stairs, six months of pregnancy, internal bleeding, we were both dying. Doctor could not do anything for me, but I decided to do everything by myself, I dreamt I heard a voice and an energy put me out, 1 kg, in 1973. I felt I had to go.
I always felt a presence with me and I was born the only day in which twins, on astrological point of view are double, so I’m a druid, I’m a natural Magician. For the first time I took a deck of cards, very normal Italian cards in hand when i was 5.
My aunt, joking, asked me to do a reading for her. She was with her boyfriend. “ You will marry, and you will have a daughter, and you will divorce, but don’t worry, than you will be happy and I will bring you to the altar” .
Cards where simply a tool, a voice was speaking inside of me, one of the first time in which the Absolute Truth was coming out, naturally, magically. My aunt was laughing at that time, and also now, cause is really happy.

Usually my readings are divided in two parts:

- In the first part I will tune with your actual present, I will clarify what are the challenging energies in the present, and also explain your subconscious thoughts about the situation.
Then I will move into your past on the basis of the situation and decribe what is behind you.and give you full detail about what is going to happen, highlighting what are the emotional concern about the situation, how also other will see you and what your future wish would be and answer to all your question . Is not all of this so exciting ?

And you can choose if you wanna know this through a mandala tarot reading, using so my psychic abilities, or through my energy and spiritual guide energy, using my medium and claivoyance facoulties, or a mix of the two, quite unique and rare and well reccomended.

The we can move to the second part of the reading, to my advice, please look below all the area in which I'm able to be your life coach :

☆ Action
- get action and or set forces in motion
- Stimulate a particular person to “get going”

☆ Addiction
- Help in overcoming an addiction or bad habbit

☆ Artistic and creative concern
- Help in drawing out creative abilities, gaining inspiration and fresh ideas.
- Success in the arts and other areas that call on creative abilities

☆ Health, healing, beauty
- Help in working toward beauty, health and fitness
- Project charm
- Enhance attractiveness, particularly sexual attractiveness
- Preserve beauty and health and delay aging
- Help reverse the aging process and recapture lost beauty

☆ Business
- Success in starting a new business

☆ Change
- General change in your life
- Get away from a bad env situation
- Encourage positive changes within a person, institution or organization
- Help in adjusting to a difficult or traumatic change or circumstances

☆ Children
- Success in starting a family
- Strength, health, safety and ease of childbirth
- Encourage the conception of a babygirl or a babyboy or twins.

☆ Competition
- Success when face with strong competition

☆ Courage
- Courage in facing a difficult situation

☆ Decisions
- Help in making the best decision
- Help in sticking within a difficult decision

☆ Divorce
- Achieve an amicable divorce
- Help for a favourable divorce settlement

☆ Dreams
- Encourage good dreams
- Prophetic dreams

☆ Emotions
- Cheerfulness, good moods and a positive outlook
- Purge old emotional pain and guilt

- Discourage a pest from coming around
- Restrain the actions of a malicious person
- Undo and put right the actions of a malicious person

☆ Families
- Solve truce in family quarrels
- Harmonious relationship with both parents

☆ Friends
- Attract many friends
- Attract influential friends to network for business purposes

☆Health and healing
- All around good health
- Aid healing of physical problems

☆ Houses
- Help in finding your dream house
- Successful sale of a house

☆ Job and job hunting
- Win a job
- Gain a job interview with a potential employer
- Gain a promotion or a raise

☆ Knowledge
- Tap the subconscious mind for knowledge

☆Legal undertaking
- For success in a legal undertaking

☆ Love and romance
- Attract love
- Win the love of a certain person

☆ luck
- Attract good luck
- Good luck in games and gambling

☆ Money
- Encourage debtors to repay debs
- Attract money and prosperity

☆ Motivation
- Summon motivation, enthusiasm and focus

☆ Obstacles
- Overcome obstacles presented by individuals

☆ Protection
- Protection defense and safety

☆ Psychism
- Help develop psychism

☆ Quarrels
- Stop a quarrel or a dispute and reconcile opponents
- Help in holding your own in disagreements with a particular person

☆ Self improvement
- Self improvement and self transformation

- Releasing stress

- Recover stolen property

i'm able to provide the following trainings :

★ Enligthntment
★ Physical and Astral telepaty
★ Physical and Astral Clairvoyance

I’m able to give you an intensive Enlightenment, I can provide you the truth you are searching, and the help you to be one with your path.

Please visiti me in my free chat,


your sensei

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Member testimonials

Straight to the point very accurate, impressinve reading.
- by Nadeen, Manchester
He is magic, incredible vibes and amazing reading
- by Sally, UK
So deep and calm, beautifull reading and amazing insight.
- by Spiritoflove, Am
Sensei is exellent and very helpfull
- by Maori, Vn
Very intuitive
- by Meggie, UK
Wonderfull reading, thank you so much
- by Neasa, Ir
5 stars very deep accurate and genuine
- by Said, In
It was an amazing experience, Sensei you are very gifted and so caring.
- by Misslady, Man
Amazing reading, I'm still shivering
- by Dominique, Si
Sensei, I wanna thank you for your help and your compassion and for the superb attitude you always show to me.
- by Misticriver, Nyc
Sensei's words can touch deeply your heart, amazing.
- by Destiny, Bn
yes a new experience for me, very uplifting. will try to come back again
- by callum, brisbane
5 stars, very honest and intuitive.
- by Jen, Nir
He got my personality and character in perfect words!!! Amazing! Solutions given. Thanks a lot!
- by Preet, UAE
Very interesting guy confident and calm in nature!! definitely go to him if you want a calm information reading!! picks up on energies well
- by Ashley, Vegas
Very intensive reading, deep. Sensei is very caring.
- by Mistic Pearl, Win
Second time with Sensei, came for an update and it was magic, thank you
- by Demi, AUS
Sensei was very wise and assuring in his analysis of my issue. He gave both practical and spiritual advice that I look forward to implementing in my life. Thank you Sensei!
- by Michael, Sacramento
I love Sensei, is very gifted and genuine
- by Helen, Den
He is so powerfull and precise
- by Vernon, Moi
I have no words to said how wonderful he is !!! is so accurate , confident , I really trust in every word he said , speaks with honesty
- by Agathava, Bogota
I have a lot to look forward too. I've been given tools to shape a better life for myself. Thank you!
- by Garace123, Texas
Very precise and detailed.
- by maverick, boston
So lovely person, I enjoyed the reading so much
- by Emanuelle, Mir
Many says and look exciting at that point of time and then it becomes a story. But, Sensei, it is turning true all the time with me. He is confident, decisive and clear I answering. God bless him. Regards
- by Doctor Kesavan, Dubai
5 stars, very intuitive and fast
- by julian, NYC
Amazing reading, straight to the point and very genuine
- by Troy, Can
Sensei is the best person I met here in ORANUM. Very calm and patient, he reassured me and gave me hope. Lovexxx
- by Shinny, Cen
Thank you Sensei again.
- by Jason, Brighton
- by DeeWone Love , Stockholm
Had a few readings, feel a lot happier and a lot more calm.
- by pree, london
Amazing reading.
- by Marleen, NYC
good, but it ended fast
- by tal, h
- by Letticia, South Arica
Amazing thank you!
- by Lucie, Montreal
Thank you, Sensei! A lovely reading and interesting look at my situation through the cards"! Thanks!!!
- by jules555, x
Sensei is a very sweet, compassionate and sensitive reader.
- by Champers11, Melbourne
very nice very kind expert, some good insight, clear, direct. and quiet detailed, thank you I enjoyed reading very much.
- by zimerili1, orlando
Very well done. Sensei was very accurate in his reading of my life and circumstances. I have to trust that his advice was equally accurate. I felt very comfortable taking his nudges. Thank you Sensei.
- by Michael, Los Angeles
He delivered the meesage in so gentle way, amazing, he spoke from the deep of his heart and I could feel all the vibes. What an experience!
- by Ann, Wy
One of the most intense readings! I still feel energy and excitement from what he told me and how i can learn! i really am short of words…Amazing!!!
- by KitCat121, Clifton
very cool. try him
- by josiebs1, CT
Very excellent psychic knows many things. Thank you!
- by barbara, philadelphia
he is very good gets to the heart and soul of things and tells you how to fix yourself first i will be back for a followup thank you sensei,
- by riley, united states
Again a great reading, very accurate.
- by Lover, In
It was a beautiful experience, very gifted.
- by dani, KR
Very good physic. Intuitive, very understanding!!!!!
- by chris w, houma
He has the truth inside, that's what I was searching.
- by Truthie, Miami
Very spiritual and great helper!
- by madhu_thomass, colleyville
I love Sensei
- by Vanessa, AUS
Excellent as usual, amazing reading.
- by Nicole, Ws
Sensei is unique. An amazing psychic. Truly recommended.
- by Lisa, Camb
Sensei is great, very personable and friendly and accurate.
- by Jason, Brighton
He is very good and kind.
- by Jason, Brighton
Great information and a very good reading. Very intuitive and accurate.
- by Jennifer, Kuwait
He is so patient and intuitive. Incredible reading, I will turn back.
- by Din, We
He is amazing. 5 stars.
- by Nikita, Un
Thank you for your help!
- by Ladyseeking, USA
I had amazing reading with sensei. He spoke from deep of his soul. I'll be back soon sure. Thank you dear sensei
- by ayshaue, Dubai
clarified my initial thoughts. very good indeed. thank you very much
- by daze, nz
So precise and genuine. 5 Stars
- by Weis, In
I just had a reading from Sensei and he was very good and kind with his reading, thank you. I will do what you say for me to do.
- by jayrunny, x
Thank you again Sensei, you are great.
- by Jason, Brighton
Highly recommend..intuitive, connected immediately
- by kosubhan, SanFrancisco
I came in private with him cause is so popular and some of my friends also told me that he is so awesome and handsome and it is true, and I can confirm that he is really caring generous and helpful.
- by Barbie, NYC
I want to say thank you, that what you spoke of hit it on the money. I do get frustrated with the music, but I go back and I try harder to be better. I was conf read more »
- by Jeffrey, north Brunswick
Very accurate reading and a vibration to him that allows a level of serenity... thank you !!!!
- by Jean Alexandre, Ottawa
Very helpful and very engaging. No digging around in the deep past or telling me about my personality, he set things straight, showed me how to remove a block read more »
- by LJ, US
Quick to the point a real psychic.5 Stars
- by Fresh Spirit, Atlanta
Very helpful nice guy, lovely reading, thank you.
- by steph porter, walsall
Sensei is adorable and his words are very powerful. The best here in ORANUM: 5 stars.
- by Jenny, Wys
Thanks for the update. Chat soon.
- by Liz, Australia
He is so right precise and caring.
- by Black cat, Win
Perfect, accurate, on point...
- by Pearl, Salt
Very helpful and very accruate! picks up on energies very quickly, very gifted i tried many psychics on here and i have been most satisfied with Sensei, i recommend to all!
- by Nicole, Melbourne
Very devoted, honest and heartful. I liked his reading very much - gives you a great insight.
- by Sanjam, Ljubljana
He is very patient, sensei calmed me down, I was so anxious, and I had pain in my head and tooth and he made a prayer and, everything disapperead. We had a long chat about my past, he is marveous. Thank you so much
- by Sweet heart, Los Angeles
a wonderful and truly connected time..i am grateful
- by beautywithinone, nas
He is so right and quick to the point. Excellent reading
- by Dr, India
Amazing. 5 stars
- by Polli, Rion
You are so right Sensei and so great.
- by Red Rose, Miami
Sensei was quick and to the point, he answered my questions immediately without any hesitations, amazing how he tuned to my past and he gave me incredible suggestions. I will come back for sure
- by D, Dallas
He is my Doctor Love. He is great.
- by PR, Fr
He is caring and helpful. I have had several private readings with him. Thank you!
- by Brianne, Orange
He is the best here in ORANUM.
- by Jade, Ha
He is absolutely amazing, he reassured me, he calmed me, he told me many things in a very deep way, very detailed and clear. Oh my God, I'm so happy I found you Sensei.
- by Twinflame, NYC
He is magic, this is my second reading with him. Really recommended.
- by Portie, In
Thank you and I will look up the book now.
- by r, houston
He gave me the hope that I need. Thank you Sensei.
- by Ursula, London
He is helping me a lot in a terrible moment of my life. God bless you Sensei.
- by Sara, Mif
Extremely precise and accurate.
- by Zammer, Op
So precise and genuine, five stars.
- by Daeneris, Cv
So patience and so a sweet person. He really helped me to calm down, he described my past amazingly, and now I understood a lot of things. Thank you so much
- by Manatthan, Nyc
One can tell that sensei is a very caring person, and he takes the time to analyze the situation for you very carefully. Comforting in his words, he offers help read more »
- by Geraldine, Singapore
Absolutely in tune with my past, and I love his predictions.
- by Gujr, Mik
Thank you. Will chat soon. XXXXX.
- by Liz, Australia
Faithful. x
- by L, uk
I'm amazed, he is so genuine and gifted!!!!!!!!!
- by Dreamer, Lin
So precise and wise, I love his reading!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
- by Salomon, Cim
Very interesting reading. Would recommend him to anyone. Thanks again
- by angloThai, Seattle

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