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My Gifts & Abilities
I was born gifted am able to communicate with the dead, spirits and angels....
I do Tarot readings...I use New Orleans tarot cards,because my spirits told me to use them in order to give a more detailed reading.... but in person I just look into my customers eyes & i am able to give a reading.... i recieved my gift from my grandmother and after I was born, my mother realized that I was gifted. I have been giving readings to family and friends since i was 5yrs old. I also see and hear spirits and the same with the dead... I was adopted by different dieties as their child...Hindu, Egyptian, Chinese, Japanese, Native Indian & Spanish Gods and Goddess'.. these are my parents! .....I am able to help people communicate with their guardian angel.. also help with meditations....thanks to my spirits I can give dream interpertations..
Private Services
my readings are very simple for my customers.... I DO NOT need names, date of birth ect....when communicating with a lost love I also don't need their names to call upon them... they just automatically appear before!..I am also able to help people removing negative energy around them.... because of my diverse dieties I am able to help and understand people from all culture spiritually!!!.....
personality & Personal
I am one of the lucky people that does not know what the word ALONE means, my spirits surround me 24/7 , from the time that I can remember! my 2 boys were born with almost the same gifts as I... people are always shocked and amazed at what i tell them thanks to my spirits they show me a short film of my customers.. i love to help people i feel that my gift is God given and helping others is my destiny in life! I love to joke and have fun... my house is full of active spirits and that is why I name myself HOUSE... I have traveled to a few third world countries and in the USA i love to travel! I just recently TRAVELED in Africa in July 2012! I am an animal lover, and i feel passion for people in pain, it hurts me to hear people's trouble because i can actually feel the pain and happieness! I am a big kid at heart and I enjoy that! making people smile is also something i consider is God's given gift to me.
Interesting & Fun!
I must ADD that my members will expierence paranormal activities on my site because i have little spiritual children that finds my camera interesting and they are always playing around with my camera! lol.... ever since i can remember I always had paranormal activites where ever I move to... my house is very active and alive with spirits.... my boys were born into the noise so it is second nature to them! I just suprised my boys with a new puppy 3/02/13 and the puppy barks mostly at nights because he's not used to the spirits yet, where as my 11yrs old dog and 2 cats sleep thru the noise or our new puppy will understand these actions will never stop and he can sleep thru the night as
Free Chat Rules
I am a clown and an enterainer! lol... everyone comes in my chat room and leaves with a smile, even when they are having a bad day....Please no negative talk with other members...feel fre to speak how you are feeling because I believe talking about an issue makes you realize that you are not alone... you may even find another member going thru the same issue...I will personally talk about myself on free chat to keep all members laughing!
See you in my chat room!
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Tarot reading, Dream interpretation, Clairvoyance, Angel readings, Angel communication, Love and sex, Home and family, Career and business, Travelling and relocation, Mind and body, Health and healing, Rituals and energies

Member testimonials

She was amazing!
positive hopeful reading many thanks
- by annaq, london
Excellent reading! House and her spirit guides were on the point, they were able to identify the spirits that I had around me and picked up on me so intuitively! Highly recommend
- by Angelica, CA
House was wonderful in the expectations of high accurate readings that i naturally expect from her. She is wonderful and very well connected to the spirit world. God bless her.
- by Kristina Prattis, New Castle, Delaware
she said some key words that definitely took my attention!
- by intrigued8i, faraway
She was good ,Thank you so much. .House
- by sunshinec, ohio
Thank you so much for your help. I appreciate your gift and look forward to staying in touch with you
- by onyxxstarr803, sc
- by Renee, VA
amazing just wish I had more time, ty house your awesome
- by JS, USA
I love her she is spot on... amazing.
- by Lisa, Toronto
house Is one of the very best. if you want the real story and the truth . I highly recommend house
- by kate, fantasy land
She's great
- by Cheryl, Tampa
she really seemed to know my situation and confirm what i already suspected!
- by flow, New York
- by Angela, New Orleans
- by lisa, Toronto
House always makes me feel better and I hadn't had a reading with her in months. I look forward to change with my love life in August, a promotion in june or september, and good things for my day care. 5 stars:))
- by Brenda, USA
Another amazing reading with House!!!
- by Kris, LA
Great Reading! House is always on point! Thanks for the reading!!!
- by DeterminedSoul, Atlanta
Really nice and FAST :)
- by Lee, Europe
- by g, us
Awesome is all I can say!!! Right on point and very insightful!!!
- by Kris, LA
Omg…… word can't express the truth to this lady. The best on oranum. She's simply amazing!!!!!!! love her
- by JB, Atlanta
Welcome back house. Lol. Only you can say the things u say the way you say them. thanks for the heads up Love and light to you.
- by Gzelle1, nyc
What she told me was true and my gut feelings about my move was also right. I usually do not do this but I felt to do it today.
- by Checalus, Bermuda
We shall see
- by t, fayetteville
Awesome reading...very enlightening!
- by Kris, LA
- by Bridgette, cleveland
She was outstanding!!
- by Virgo, TX
House is the best!
- by sherry, defuniak spring fl
Awesome and accurate .. My new fav!
- by Dejuir, Compton
House is awesome!!!! I'm pleased!
- by diamondbaby, why? are u gonna send me money?
House is amazing. So real and true. No sugar coating... you will definitely get your money's worth. Thanks House.
- by jb, atl
She's amazing i very much enjoyed reading.
- by renee spurgeon, kingsland
- by Zeigen, Dallas, Texas
Great read. Felt honest and genuine. Hope to return.
- by Rain, Bows
House was right on target with all my questions. She knew exactly what was going on. I would highly recommend her.
- by country living, wantage
Very good reading and honest. Will definitly be back
- by gerrijj, ireland
Quick, to the point, really a sweetheart, a must try.
- by agablue, ostad
I wasn’t expecting my spirits to be uplifted, but it has. It's not the news I want to hear, but it's the deliverance of it that made it good. Her advice was also nice! And I will do that!
- by intrigued8, faraway
Thanks House, I appreciate the honesty in the reading. I am looking forward to seeing the truth of my situation as the events unfold.
- by Kristina Prattis, New Castle, Delaware
Very detailed reading with time frames.
- by loveMe4MeNow, GA
Straight to the point! Thank you!
- by Gzelle1, nyc
Thank you so much, fast clear and to the point i will be back :)
- by mimi, pa
Thanks will see what happens.
- by Ant1, atl
Very good reading...thank you so very much.
- by Jean, Jacksonville
That was exhilarating and beautiful, that sent chills down my spine, because it rang true to me...Thanks for sharing your gift with me...I will return.
- by Jean, jacksonville
I loved your answer and I received it n the context in which your gave. Your gifts are very real and I thank you for sharing with me. 5 stars and thumbs to you...
- by Jean, Jacksonville
Loved the reading, amazing and on point.
- by junekay, canada
Thank you House for discussing my situation. Anyone who wants fast answers and is accurate, try House she is excellent.
- by Kristina Prattis, New Castle, Delaware
Never enough time with this wonderful lady huh! I recommend her to anyone! she is amazing
- by lisa, toronto
Thanks for the great reading. You gave me some good clarification on things I have been missing. I look forward to reply with my results on how well your predictions will come. Very great reader.
- by shanai, atlanta
House blesses me and my spirit. Very grateful for her advice and insight
- by Kris, LA
House is very good. Read the situation very well!
- by angel, Fl
House picks up so wonderful I had to see what her intake is on my situation. I found her to connect fast and knew exactly what the situation is. I look forward read more »
- by Destiny_Love, USA
Thank you! I always learn a lot from you.
- by plecosword, Orange County, CA
- by tsafa4, tamuning
Her reading is very informative and accurate... I can't wait to see things unfold.
- by lisa, Toronto
Awesome is all I can say!
- by Kris, LA
She has a gift for sure
- by cat, cali
Great reader
- by georgiapeach21, ft. wainwright
She was excellent
- by love, love
Very wise and felt the energy right off the bat.
- by G, NY
- by Isabell, US
Very honest reading.
- by Christina HOU, Sydney
Good reading. Accurate about current situation.
- by boru, va
Thank u.
- by mysticL, uk
Time was limited, but it was great!!!
- by Shundel, Georgetown
House connected very fast to my daughter. She was very accurate. She knew nothing about my daughter. She described her demeanor and mannerisms very clearly. Thank you house blessings to you...
- by Janine, Northern Arizona
Miss House is so accurate and wonderful. She has confirmed what other tops have said; plus much more... she is just awesome!
- by kathy , STUART
Blessed to have found youuuuuuuuu Housee!!! Love you to pieces, May God continue to bless and keep you safe, and may success continue to follow you always... Much Love from my Heart to Yours!! Hugsssss xxx
- by Artlover Art, London
Good reading! well worth it.
- by lisa, toronto
She is awesome.
- by Martinha, Marmaris
OMG! the best reading I ever had, she is on the mark... I love it. She is honest, but that's what I need... I can't wait to see it all come true.
- by lisa, Toronto
Thank you very much xx
- by Sweet, LND
Thank you House for answering the burning ? about my job. You gave me such peace of mind and heart. Blessings to you...
- by Janine, Northern Arizona
Thank you for the help.
- by joey198402, glen st mary
House is the best! Great reading! Very informative and on point. Thank you House!
- by Claudia, Atlanta
Very nice & comfortable lady. Uplifted my energy and gave me a positive feedback. She clarified some of the issues which were important to me and told me that I read more »
- by Sharen223, Montreal,Canada
House thank you. I appreciate your honesty and your insight. Bless you.
- by jeter28, rich
House is the best, I love her! My reading was on point, I highly recommend her :)
- by whitney, NEW york
Very to the point picked up on the situation very quickly with little info I highly recommended House to anyone seeking guidance one of the best :)
- by mum25kids2013, australia
Excellent very insightful reading.
- by Deliciaw, Macon
Wow, House is just amazing. I am in awe, with how much she knows with so little information. Seriously, she is legit.
- by Roxanne, Texas
Very straight and to the point. Connects very well, and give validations and time frames.
- by Tanny6, NYC
Awesome pick me up reading!! Funny humorous and light. Enjoyed that so much
- by ikroyalakryal, Aus
She is incredible and right on Point!!!!! I thank God he sent me her....
- by Connie G, Orlando
Thanks so much!
- by caligal91, San Francisco
Thank you so much
- by Melissa, Gillingham
She is so on target. Her gift is strong and extremely accurate. I will continue to let her advise me.
- by Deliciaw, GA
She's great! Very straightforward and accurate. 5*****
- by DaisyNova, gaia
Much loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee xxxxx hugssssssssss Thank you soooooooooooo much!!!
- by Artlover3, London
Wow! She is so amazing and fast!!!! Seriously, try her you would not be disappointed.
- by rmg010, Texas
I loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee you!!!! Hugsssssssssssss.
- by AmoreArtlover, London
Great,house was class!
- by Raees, South Africa
Thank you for your help with dealing with loss of loved ones.
- by renee, kingsland
She hit on some key details/numbers. Look forward to what she says will happen! Thank you!
- by Astarintheocean, Northern California
She's coool
- by neharika, ithaca
Loveeeeeeeeeeeeeee You House!!!! I have sooooooooo much to look forward to....Hugsssssssssssssssss xxxxx
- by Artlover3, UK
So funny! So true! Such a blessings. Thank you.
- by Acissej, WA
House was AMAZING AMAZING AMAZING. she was right on about everything. Highly recommended.
- by Erika, Montreal

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