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Hello! I am Damien and I am here to help guide and give insight when you need it most. With the use of tarot cards, rune stones and my pendulum and a lot of empathy I can offer clearity and provide answers to most of your questions. I specialize in relationships, money and career choices, but of course you can ask me pretty much everything you want. Come join me in free chat anytime!

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** WHO I AM **

My name is Damien.
I am 36 years old.
My signs are dragon/serpent/scorpio.
Born and raised in the Netherlands but living in the north of the UK.
I speak and do readings in both English and Dutch.

** WHAT I DO **

- Empathic connection
- Tarot card reading
- Pendulum divination
- Futhark rune stone reading
- Communicating through spirit guides
- Connect to past relatives and loved ones

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As a child some things already revealed themselves to me but as a teenager I came more and more in touch with my own spirituality. Ever since I have gained knowledge and insights and learned I have an affinity with certain forms of divination like runestones, tarot cards and the pendulum. I often advise about love and finances but I can help out with all sorts of other questions too of course.

When I first found myself opening up to the spirit world and psychic phenomenons it was more then just a little surprising. It was actually quite unnerving at first. I found my self immersed in what remains hidden for so many and I became fascinated with all I have experienced since. I have tried to aid others with my gifts and harm none. I will not do spells on others without their consent and i will not teach anyone how to do that. We can however try and ward off stuff that has been done to you in the past.

I was trained by a shaman and a powerful high priestess. I was taught to walk in other realms and to read divination tools and become more comfortable with my own gifts. I can advise about spirits, spell workings, divination tools such as the pendulum, the futhark runes, tarot cards and more.

I know within me are the answers to the confusion you may have, I am able to reach across the veil and speak to spirit guides and communicate with the spirit world. I am here for you.

much love,

♈ ♉ ♊ ♋ ♌ ♍ ♎ ♏ ♐ ♑ ♒ ♓ ♈ ♉ ♊ ♋ ♌ ♍ ♎ ♏ ♐ ♑ ♒ ♓ ♈ ♉ ♊


He is realistic and down to earth, caring, aware and empathic.
Just the kind of reader you would want!

I really enjoyed my reading with Damien.
It was very calming, insightful, honest and to the point.
Great guy and adviser.

Accurate, detailed read.
Direct, caring and compassionate guidance.

He is great and connects very fast , does not waste time!
I was amazed by the things that he told me!
Many thanks DearDamien!

Wonderful. Honest.
Provided the real answers and information that I needed to hear and delivered it with kindness.
Thank you.
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Tarot reading, Pendulum, Rune divination, Love and sex, Home and family, Career and business, Finance and law, Travelling and relocation, Health and healing, Rituals and energies

Member testimonials

Great reading! very chill very laid back and easy to talk to, knew a lot about my situation with no info I loved the reading man, keep dong what you do .
- by _, _
always great, highly recommended
- by bec, sydney
great guy and good reader
- by frag, world
lovely chap!
- by frag, world
as Always, in the most relaxed way, he sees through the issues and people and tells you the truth. i appriciate it! :)
- by emotions, ------------
He get's it right all the time. Extremely sweet and caring. Sensitive as well. Right to the point! He has a lot of patience while explaining things. Thank you Damien!
- by maryann, california
Im pleased with reading, Damien picked up on things that were 100% accurate. I just ran out of credits!
- by Charlotte, Birmingham UK
Awesome.. simply awesome!
- by chicky, chic
very quick and intuitive
- by Jagratti, london
always helpful and kind.
- by mnt1446, us
wow he really is straight up
- by frag, world
Damien is an amazing reader;; I highly recommend him to anyone that needs clarity. He delivers the truth in the most polite way that he can; without sugar coating. And is very accurate.. wonderful reader
- by seakat, fantasy land
very kind. I trust Damien with his readings. Very accurate.
- by mt, usa
Incrediblly accurate, and compassionate,comfortable amazing. thank you ! you are worth more than ur weight ib gold
- by casper, ghosttown
wow!!!! awesome!!!
- by mike, florida
He was wonderful... He told me things that I need to know and didn't even ask about, on top of what I asked... Thank you so much !!! :D
- by Danielle Harris, Toronto
I've done an e-mail reading and now a "private" with Damien. He is really accurate and I would work with him again. I like that he is honest -- not giving flu read more »
- by pixie333, Carmen
Always appriciate Readings with him cause he is usually right on and he never tells anything but the truth as he sees it. thanks!!
- by ---, ----
thank u Damien. grounded advice
- by jean, Netherland
All can say is excellent as usual Damien is a true Federation 7......
- by Federation 7, Dublin
Damien is very accurate and very gentle and caring and honest with his answers. Makes you feel comfortable and at ease. Very quick in answering. Thank you Damien.
- by Vicky, Australia
Always honest, clear and with a good heart. I trust him! You should too. Thanks!
- by emotions, sthlm
Brilliant and quick!
- by Sarah, Melbourne
Very very good. Very calm, reassuring.
- by Robin, Missoula
I have been in Damien's room a few times, and decided to give it a shot. He was really great! :) Had a very calm energy, and approached my question with a lot o read more »
- by Kaitlin, Espanola
Good reading, clear direct... What I needed. Thank you.
- by Rhadhannia, Woonsocket
He gave me the help that I need to get my life back on track.
- by MIchele Gould, cape vincent
I thought he is very accurate and helpful.
- by MaryAnn, Palm Desert
Spot on!
- by eva, london
Very knowledge helped me make firm decisions,, was stuck contemplating next move.
- by pinkpather30, USA
Great, fast, accurate and kind!
- by J, miami
I always come back to Damien because he never misses. He is spot on every time, even nailed time frames for me before. Highly recommended.
- by emotions, sthlm
Thanks for the reading Damien and agree with what you saw in the cards....enjoyed the reading and your style.
- by sweetpea333, usa
Very helpful. Thank you.
- by immu, Brampton
He was very good
- by Staci, Atlanta
Thank you so much, I like it.
- by Lenard, Fitzgerald
Great, sincere guy. Totally honest, understands and can get tuned into your situation as if he's been living it with you. An amazing reader, psychic, adviser and friend. Thanks so much, Damien. Big hugs!
- by familyhelper, California
Damien is just too cool to be true. Very emphatic. Answered and explained my questions thoroughly. Also has the most amazing hair which is a plus. I'll definitely have another one.
- by Elina, Stockholm, Sweden
Honest reader, would def have another reading with him. Doesn't waste you time and to the point.
- by Gem, Australia
Great reading, very relaxed and helpful. Thank you for being great managing the time we had and giving me clear answers.
- by nicks83, hong kong
Damien's predictions came true. He is the real deal.
- by Ace , Perth
Damien is my big support! I love the Readings I have with him and the advice he gives me. Thanks!
- by emotions, sthlm
great reading!
- by Jenny, Chicago
Damien is the only psychic that gave me an exact date of time and was on spot with it! and with other details. sees right through you in a very gentle relaxed k read more »
- by emotions, sthlm
He was awesome.
- by kelly, ogden
Very easy to speak to and concise. Have listened and absorbed all he had to say and will heed his advice. Thank you.
- by cimba1, uk
Damien is very soft spoken and was very helpful. I will have more readings with him soon.
- by HopefulBella11, Charleston, SC
Very kind, calm, funny. I was at ease with dear Damien. He's very intuitive, psychic. He said things I was thinking before I even asked a question.
- by robin, Missoula
Great as always!
- by Jenny, Chicago
Very intuitive, great reading knew details without me saying anything will get another, reading soon
- by christine, whittier
Thank you, it was a great reading!
- by aquatruby, San Diego
What else can I say.... You are amazing, sincere, honest, an amazing reader and insight. Love you wholeheartedly as a friend. Thanks so much!
- by familyhelper, California
He's my connection to reason and all things that make sense. Thanks Damien.
- by familyhelper, Californa
He was very good.. Pleasant and accurate. I would go to him again.
- by Marybeth Hiebert, Calgary
Brilliant and very helpful... Damien is have to say from most... Very helpful indeed... Spot on with all his information and is a classy genuine, gentleman... W read more »
- by Federation7, Dublin.
What a great, great person. The things he understands and reads are just amazing. Thank you so, so, so much, Damien.
- by familyhelper, California
He's pretty good. I think he knows a lot of things I didn't know already.
- by Hannah, Chico, Ca
You are so nice. I will be back! Hopefully with good news.
- by Shelly, Cleveland, OH
Oh wow what a wonderful reading, spot on and so accurate. I highly recommend.
- by Lorann, Malta
The session was really insightful.
- by Amanuel, Norway
- by AceOfCupss, Perth Western Australia
Good straight to the point, very clear
- by gypsygurl, perth
Damien is a very compassionant , intuitive, a great communicator. He mentioned some things about my concerns that i was not expecting. I feel im much more aware, so that I can deal with the situation with new eyes.
- by Tia, Coupeville
He was very direct, honest and sincere. I was helped greatly by his reading.
- by trixieturtle, Montgomery
Great Reading. Answered my questions and saw through it all. I am thankful and hopeful :) Recommended!
- by emotions, Sthlm
Very good quick read as I asked for it. Thank you so much Damien.
- by Me, Auckland
A great reader!!!!!!!!!!
- by Frederick, somewheresomethere
A pleasure to speak with.
- by Alneverus, Indiana
Wow so in tune with whats going on, thank you so very much!!!
- by gipsygirl, south africa
Thank you for your help, sometimes it's good to be reminded my rights and beliefs and that actually i am already not getting what i want,so i don't have to keep read more »
- by Me, London
What a lovely calm honest person he saw the true me and handled me so compassionately with understanding my journey. I will definitely take his advise on board read more »
- by melissa , melbourne
Damien is a very nice man. Very easy to talk to. I feel he connected well with me and gave me very good advice. He didn't pretend to know everything that would read more »
- by cathy, antioch
Very helpful and intuitive
- by Carol, South Molton
Very professional and comfortable to talk to!
- by jmarie, la
Great reading.
- by Ace , Perth
Damien is sympathetic and practical and says it as it is.
- by irelandirish, france
He was honest and got Scot's personality down! Nailed that bad boy! lol thanks and i will take your advise to heart!
- by swhope999, oz
Damien is awesome! Great reading.
- by Chris, Vancouver
Simply amazing, a clear and accurate reading, a friend to talk with and a motivational kick in the butt, what more can you ask for. Damien thank you sincerely, I will keep my promise and update you soon. :)
- by willowtear, ireland
- by Angel, Aus
Fantastic! Great read
- by Tiffany, Fairfax, VA
Damien was very sincere in his reading. Such a lovely energy. Thank you Damien. I hope the prediction will come to pass.
- by Fulgur, Melbourne
Awesome! I like his honesty. Good and bad. This was a reading that was very unbiased and that is what i like. Thank you Damien.
- by Erica, Indian Head
Damien astounded me with his reading. He was kind and was able to answer some questions that had been troubling me. Well worth anything it cost to have a readin read more »
- by threeyorkies, afton va
Damien was very insightful and helpful and accurate in his description of my situation.
- by wayne, hobart
Really great. Really appreciate Damien's honesty and accuracy.
- by AceOfCupss, Perth Western Australia
Honest, straight to the point, helpful. Great reading.
- by mel, melbourne
Great, spot on!
- by mel, melbourne
Very honest and no sugarcoating.
- by Sarah, Melbourne
Very sincere and sweet. He tells the truth in the best of light. Makes taking bad news better.
- by lotus, Texas
Great reading!
- by dabountychic119, usa
Great vibe!
- by adri, canada
Such a sincere, great guy that has great intuition and insight. Thanks so much, Damien. I will be back for updates.
- by familyhelper, Moorpark
Really great I hope to come back.
- by nancy309, montreal
He is the best and gives hope even in the worst situations. Well worth the reading.
- by eman, CA
Damien is amazing, I couldn't believe how quick and to the point he was! I will definitely come back! Thank you so very much! XO
- by starchild1234, FL
Damien was wonderful... very insightful and spot on! I feel better about the direction I am taking.
- by Karen, Lisle, Il
Love this reader... his intuition is great!
- by andrea, eureka
Very detailed, very good and quick to the point.
- by BNJPANGELS, queens, new yrok

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