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25-30 years
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2008 people
Relationships, Spiritual guidance, manifestations, No tools used, mediums and life coaches. You need go no further for your answers than here.

Our areas of expertise include:

Relationship Guidance – get solutions and guidance that works. Fast!

Mind whispering – need someone to open up about their feelings or step forward? This is what you need. Proven 'Law of Attraction' guidance.

Personal Healing - for health related issues mental and physical problems as well as to release blocks and pathways to change in your life.

Spiritual Awareness and Acceleration Therapy - speed your psychic and intuitive development FAST...
proven results!!

Internal Anxiety Release program - works a charm to release your inner fears and emotional garbage.

Law of Attraction Manifestation and Acceleration Energy System - bring about what you desire the most in your life and bring it now...

Body Scanning, Time frame predictions, Remote Viewing, Energy Healing. Relationship Advisors.

Ask about Mind whispering and our Law of Attraction Manifestation work for you.

Miggin and Jason are relationship counselors, healers and spiritual developers with over 8000 readings in the last few years. If your in need we are the team to Seek. 'BennettandHutson' will make a difference in your life.

Our information is DIRECT FROM SPIRIT and we do not need tools to do a reading.

Troubles in relationships/love life - we can see the energies involved and guide you.

Body Scanning - remote viewing your aura and energy field sees health issues and more

Open and strengthen your PSYCHIC and INTUITIVE Abilities with our development energy sessions

Struggling with insomnia, stress or anxiety? our energy healing work will adjust your thinking and send you to a calm peaceful state.

Weight loss energy healings - lose weight naturally and keep it off. Just do your bit too!!

Aura readings – remote viewing you and your aura seeing and then removing traumas and blocks to your soul path.

Angel Card Readings – Tarot reading. Simple and effective and widely used.

Spirit board readings – Messages from beyond from your loved ones.

Past life readings – Accessing Akashic Records and see your soul history. What lives have you lived before?

Psychic Development and Accelerated Growth – Open communication with your higher self and see fast results, open your gifts

Dream interpretations – your dreams have deeper meanings.

Sexual healing – ENERGIZE your romantic life with a unique Healing Session. proven results!!

Manifest the change you seek with our LAW of ATTRACTION ENERGY WORK..

In short:
love life ( soul mates / twin flames )
relationships - ex's, reuniting, current partners, future partners.
career / work
finances and money questions
health issues
legal complications
chakra healing / Reiki healing
wishes, desires and needs
What the future holds for you
energies - aura readings
time frames and predictions
dream interpretations
past / present / future
gay / lesbian relationships
marriage and divorce
pregnancy and fertility
Past Lives and Soul Paths
Medium ship readings by arrangement

Helpful and unbiased we help many hundreds of people around the world every year.

SPECIFIC Readings are requested by you based on what you would like. We do not need to use tools but are often asked to do so. Answers and guidance are given that are in your best personal interest.


You can prepare a list of questions and they can be answered directly by our spirit guides. We don't know what the answers will be but they will be accurate predictions

We can also help with


Please ask if we can help with your health problems.

Together we are able to help with ANY problem whatsoever with advice and guidance on
relationships, spiritual growth, understanding your path in life and more
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Experienced in

Angel card reading, Pendulum, Dream interpretation, Clairvoyance, Reiki, Holistic healing, Natural healing, Chakra healing, Angel readings, Angel communication, Angel healing, Love and sex, Home and family, Career and business, Finance and law, Travelling and relocation, Mind and body, Health and healing, Rituals and energies, Lost and found

Member testimonials

I got a lot of out of that. Thanks, he's honest, insightful and a great reader. xo
- by Matilda, WeWe
Good reading:)
- by Marygoldpink, x
thanks for the reading it was what i needed to hear
- by Aundreya, Tustin
Nice and compassionate ... like the calmness ... thanks
- by Brit, Odense
they have brought so much healing and understanding and they are great healers and communicators Would recommend them anytime. they show love and compassion with all of there hearts
- by virgoe82, ca
- by jamira76, canada
Did a great job! connected right away
- by lindsey, Omaha
Great reading and news
- by Shelly, Indiana
wonderful couple, great reading
- by Melinda, Home
great reading, spot on
- by nicole, East Tawas
What a beautiful friend Miggin has become of mine. I trust her every word and her guidance
- by Shelley, Indiana
great awesome
- by jamira76, canada
Very fast reading. Connected well.
- by Moongirl17, Sydney
Amazing combo. They are very in tune with spirit, and can see exactly what the root of all issues are. Their insight is one-of-a-kind, and they really capture t read more »
- by T, --
thank u so much very very helpful to me!!!
- by Ava, Chicago
Great reading, some things to keep in mind. Nice people and very helpful.
- by Jessica, SF Bay Area
- by Jessica , Grande Priairie
Very Good
- by Jessica, Grande Prairie,AB
Miggin is simply a wonderful psychic and medium. All of you should try her, she will surprise you and help you heal. Thanks for always taking care of everyone. Blessings to you for a very Happy Thanksgiving.
- by Shelly, USA
Awesome update as always :) Thank you!
- by Tiarra, NY
Wonderful follow up thank you so much! Will be in touch very soon. :)
- by Tierra, NY
Another great and informative session. Looking forward to our next follow up.
- by oscarbuffy, long beach
Great insight and I hope the Mind Whispering will help my situation
- by oscarbuffy, long beach
Thank you, good reading.
- by Anna, Euless
A pleasure to speak with.
- by Alneverus, Indiana
Thank you both for your overwhelming support to help my daughter and I get through her illness. You both have a special gift, that being the gift of love and compassion. Blessings to you both.
- by Shelley, Muncie, IN
Always very helpful. I was in crisis mode and they were very helpful. They are my go to people.
- by Sweetcurls, Atlanta
Talking to Miggin eased some of my pain I have been feeling. If you need a caring and compassionate real soul to talk to I highly recommend this beautiful soul read more »
- by Shell, USA
WONDERFUL, WONDERFUL, WONDERFUL! Exceeded my expectations. Very intune with the person I asked about. Gave specific information that fit him completely. It was read more »
- by sweetcurls, Ga
Great couple, gave me the information I needed. Was sympathetic to my confusion. Glad someone could understand me. Highly recommend for a reading. I will be back because they were right on the money with everything.
- by AB, UDA
A great group of people. They offered some good insights.
- by David, Jacksonville
Great reading about my daughter and her pregnancy and illness. Hoping for the positive outcomes predicted come to pass.
- by Shelley, USA
want to say thanks for all your help been great everythin said so far has been right on and accurate i try have another readin soon :)
- by amy226, x
Miggin is a special woman. She has a gift of healing like no other person I have ever met.
- by Jayson, Chicago
Nice person, easy to talk to. No "fluff", just gets to point easily. Has good energy. Would take private again.
- by RabbitInOctober, Brantford
always amazing right on about everythin he sees just come back to update that stuff did happen for me again and want to thank u:)
- by A, uk
update jason said i get some flowers and it happened came as big shock to me :) had lots of other nice things to that was sent for many years i hav had reading read more »
- by a, x
Oh my stars, where to begin. My wife recently passed away and I got onto her account to see what this psychic thing was all about. Speaking with Miggin and Ja read more »
- by Jayson, Chicago
Two terrific people!
- by Steven, Los Angeles
Didn't hear what I wanted to, but the future looks promising. They were very honest and spot on. Thanks for your help :)
- by Cara, USA
thanks for the accurate reading!
- by cz, sh
Really honest. Also, gave me the clarity that I'm needing rather than trying to force some answer that I don't need. The description was spot on.
- by Jennifer, Springfield
Prediction made months ago has come to fruition. Chimed into them to see what I should do about my wedding. They are a wonderful support to me especially since read more »
- by Mia , Indianapolis
Got the help i needed. Thanks once agian
- by Sky, Iowa City
These two are the real deal. They are accurate, experienced and a trusted advisor. There is no other person on this site that can compare to them. They are the best of the best
- by Steven, Los Angeles
well finally got my question answered but i liked how they picked up on my energy real quick and were able to tell me about other things in my life that are tr read more »
- by Texas , Texas
What an amazing person Miggin is. The love and commitment to her clients is truly inspirational. Love to you.
- by Des, Chicago
Great reading from an insightful couple.
- by Jessica, USA
Great private sessions, they are a very talented couple, thanks for the insight.
- by bibi123, southfield - mi
very thoughtful and very plain. Really helpful reading. thank you !!!
- by lopezina1, london
What a gifted couple. Not only do they speak the truth, it is with so much love and compassion. These two are one of a kind. One million stARS
- by Destiny, USA
Interesting reading! I love their style. they definitely picked up on me and the other party involved. Wow! They really hit the nail on the head. I'm curious to read more »
- by l, usa
Very candid and extremely thoughtful and caring couple.
- by DEstiny, USA
two blessed souls, lovely time in pvt, explained a lot of things, ty
- by Pheonix, Israel
They are both so warm and lovely and I appreciate the insight they provided.. Loved conversing with them.. They made me hopeful for the future with a lot of positivity infused in the reading.. Thanks both.. Love you both
- by geminimoon7, IN
These two are absolutely spot on with everything. I have had many readings before as I have always believe in the gift of psychics, but these two by far are a trusted source for me. Thank you both Love and Light to you.
- by AM, USA
Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!
- by T, d
An updated reading... Everything he said made sense! Great reading!
- by Mai, USA
- by Amanda, CA
Awesome! Cant wait!
- by T, d
great reading very insightful
- by cherie, usa
The accuracy received this time was amazing!! He was to the point, and described the person so amazingly well! Will be back for updates!
- by Mailee, USA
Perfect as usual. Got my answers.
- by goodnight2345, USA
The power of 2?? It's worth it. They balance each other and pick up on "different things together". Double the help and great one on one as well. : ) Been so helpful to me in my situation!!
- by B, USA
Beginning stage of mind whispering, and it was very interesting to hear him describe the other person. It was exactly on point. The accuracy is impeccable, and I am just so amazed my it. Can't wait to see how it unfolds!
- by Mlee, USA
Awesome update! Will do as what was suggested. at a lll costs it all makes sense!!! Many blessings!
- by Tiffany, Npr
Thank you for your insight! I will be in touch this week.
- by T, d
Fantastic connection to me, and especially to the other person involved. Completely depicted all the situation, in exact manner. THe colour reading was amazing, read more »
- by P, UK
really good reader
- by Vee , Califonia
Bennett is really good at Body Scanning he is spot on , he has a good vibe and really one of a kind .
- by Vee , California
nice couple,picks up fast
- by J, U
Very helpful, I'll visit again for sure! Good solid advice!
- by SameAsToday, City
thnx so much for all the work and effort u put it to it been great help as for the results also builded up my confidenece to:)
- by Amy258, -
Very helpful reading although I may not have gotten exactly what i Wanted to hear. I will definitely be sure to take their advice and return whenever needed.
- by Safiya, Brooklyn
update the work they did for me was amazing took bit of time but came through for me just want to say thanks for all your help
- by Amy, -
Very caring and some great advice. Reads energy well
- by firehawk227, Maryland
Thank you for your time and honesty. You are both compassionate and supportive, with just the right amount of straight-forwardness!!
- by Kristine, Laguna Beach
they r great
- by amanda, arlington
Great update to my situation. I thank them both for so much work they have done! I can't wait to check back! God bless you both!
- by Tiffany , NPR
very kind and helpful in providing insight to certain areas of my life that i had major interest it :-)
- by emily, orlando
Very caring and honest, fast ,accurate and always gives me the best advise thnx so much again amazing:)
- by Amy258, .
Two for the price of one. Thanks. A good reading.
- by Julia, Kansas
Amazing as always. Nice update. Connects quickly and honest!
- by Tiffany, NPR
Very good readers. the best couple on here. always seem to get it right. Work very well together. I will be back again. 5+ stars!!
- by crystal, usa
first reading with them was very informative..will be back to update
- by gene, Naples
great couple! very pleasant to talk to! I really enjoyed chatting with them. I give them 5 stars
- by n, usa
these guys are incredible and wonderful souls. There is a really hard event which my wife and I are going through which bennettandhutson have been real angels. read more »
- by oles, bas
love getting a update with them. Very accurate! Fast connection
- by tiffany , npr
Wonderful readers! Very in tune with my current situation. They were able to describe my life down to a tee. Really appreciate their time and effort-- The first read more »
- by B, __
AMAZING. The genuine support and advise and care is so much appreciated! I can't wait for things to pass. Im very excited!
- by Tiffany, NPR
Was very helpful
- by Melinda Binns, Dayton
awesome as always
- by Andrea, New York
Really excited that they pulled out the spirit board to help me...very surreal experience and excited to see how things go from here. highly recommend them
- by Andrea , New York
very quick and on point, truthful the way things are - but also poisitve - thanks!!
- by jazzychic, london
Very interesting and compelling as always
- by Andrea, New York
Very intriguing updates. Interested to see how things evolve.
- by Andrea, New York
Very interesting. excited for whats to come
- by Andrea, New York
- by jamira76, CANADA
wow i love these ppl so amazing i love the reading i reccomend bennet and hutson you guys were amazing at knowing the truth and told me things that just made me read more »
- by aundreya, irvine
very interesting and good clear advice ~ thanks
- by Abigail, Martinez

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