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I am a tarot and crystal ball reader who also works as a psychotherapist. My area of expertise is relationships:
love❤ romance❤ sexuality❤and family❤. I am interested in ways of facilitating personal, emotional and
spiritual development. I work using imagery, poetry, dreams. I am open-minded and non-judgemental. Alongside my online work I am based at a tarot unit in London.

۞ An interest in interpreting symbols and images runs in my family. I first became passionate about tarot when I was studying English Literature. The images and archetypes spoke to me and I responded to their mythological and emotional nature.

❅ Over the years my interest in tarot has deepened and I now skry in the cards and the crystal ball, with results that often shock me and my clients with their accuracy.

♡ As a therapist, I always aim to convey what I see clearly and honestly in a safe and optimistic manner. I am happy to answer any question without judgement. I believe in free and open communication for the purposes of healing, growth and transformation.

Here are some of the things I do:

☼ Crystal Ball Readings

☸ Skrying: The ancient art of seeing and visualising for the purposes of divination.

✙ Tarot Card Readings: I am currently using the Thoth deck but also use The Mythic Tarot, Morgan-Greer, Rider Waite and Pagan Tarot decks, amongst others. I offer general readings, love readings and career readings. I can tailor a reading to your specific questions. I also skry in the cards to create a deeper and more personal interpretation of the cards as they come up.

✡ Dream Interpretation: Using both clairvoyant insights and my training in psychotherapy -Jungian, Freudian and Gestalt techniques.

♂ Sexual Psychic Readings: The sexual psyche is part of our emotional and spiritual centre and sexuality is at the heart of the tarot. I also see sexual fantasies and experiences in the crystal ball and I am happy to talk about them when they are part of a client's path. My approach to sexuality is deep, soulful, playful and light. I work at London events as 'Anna the Sexual Psychic'. I welcome readings with clients from all sexual orientations.

☥ Spiritual Healing: I have run and taken part in spiritual healing groups that focus on creative visualisation, meditation, and Reiki-style healing of the aura.

♞ Storytelling: Having been a student of English Literature and teacher of young children, I know many stories, songs, poems and rhymes and they come to me during my readings. I share them with my clients as I see them in the crystal ball and I use them to communicate about emotional and spiritual development using metaphor and imagery to connect at depth.

✙ Teaching: A former teacher, I enjoy sharing what I have learned about tarot, skrying, clairvoyance and relationship skills during my free chat. Watch this space for upcoming classes in my room.

✯ Paganism: My spirituality is pagan, which means that I believe in a goddess as well as a god. I am a feminist and focus on the empowerment of both women and men in my readings. I am closely attuned to the wheel of the year and the cycles of the moon, which I draw on in my readings. I am interested in Celtic spirituality, and am also inspired by Middle Eastern paganism, such as Sufism.

☪ Turkish Coffee Grain Readings: Skrying in coffee grains is a popular art in Turkey, and I have been lucky to have opportunities to develop the art and have experience working with Turkish and other clients from a Muslim background. Just ask if you would like a coffee grain reading and I will do so for you in a private consultation.

✞ Reading Tea Leaves: I also know the English art of reading tea leaves. Just ask for a reading and I will do so for you in a private consultation.

Here are some comments from recent readings with members:

✎ "Amazingly insightful, great empathy and ability to communicate words that could be difficult for someone else. I have a clarity and know that what I intuitively knew was confirmed through the cards and the crystal ball. Thank you for your time". intigueme184, perth

✎ "Absolutely intriguing... that's really all I can say...speechless" jong866 halifax, canada

✎ "Another amazing reading .OMG Annaeverything u said is true, thank you so very much for giving me hope. corvettetime02, overseas

✎ "Her intellect is exciting! I look forward to another reading!". quaz101, usa

✎ "Very patient, understanding. The cards she pulled out explained the situation that I was in and she was right about everything. She uses the cards and her career background pretty well to compound a situation. Thanks AnnaSimone!!" christianlopez, Venice

✎ "She speaks well and I enjoy seaking to her! She knows exactly what she is talking about!" easydoesittt, New Jersey

✎ "Lovely lady - highly recommended". clairejane33, Wells, England

I look forward to seeing you in my free chat and for private readings.

Blessed be,

AnnaSimone ❤♥❤

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Tarot reading, Dream interpretation, Crystal reading, Clairvoyance, Love and sex, Home and family, Career and business, Mind and body

Member testimonials

A pleasure to speak with.
- by Alneverus , Indiana
Great reading. Thanks again for your help!
- by Smiles32, Bermuda
very good thank you
- by jana, beirut
A pleasure to speak with.
- by Alneverus, Indiana
Wonderful energy! Love her readings- very concise and accurate- doesn't need information from you to see what is going on... Exceptional psychic
- by B, __
great read
- by alicia, Los Angeles
yes, very good reading excellent very informative and precise, lovely lady and exact and too the point.
- by Tony, London
Thank you for the reading!
- by lynnrmc, Australia
Anna was very sweet and right on point. I really liked her. She was right on point :D
- by Jmaie, California
TOTALLY talented. so worth the wait! I will be back shortly. she picked up minute details about me no oneelse would ever know-- i didnt even ask about the person in question and she saw him :) Lovelyyyy!
- by B, --
Thanks for reading for me Anna.
- by LilyAnne, London
Anna was very helpful on things I need to work on to get where I need to be. Thanks for your help!
- by Swede, NY
A pleasure.
- by Alneverus, Indiana
A pleasure to speak with.
- by Alneverus, Indiana
She's always very sweet and kind, and points out things that most people wouldn't notice :) xo Thank you
- by MrsFren, USA
Anna is awesome !! :D
- by Chelsea, Plymouth
Love ya anna thank you!
- by Chris, weatherford
nice , calm and informative reading
- by sultrystarfish, seabed
She was fantastic!!! Made me feel 100% better about my situation! Thank you very much for all your help!!
- by Anastasia, Scotts Valley
Shes been giving me some great readings as far as a relationship. She has mentioned several things that relate to the situation.
- by Jimb970, Loveland
Annasimone is always delightful and I am happy to do my reading. She really made me think about my situation.
- by BN, SG
good reading ! :-)
- by smsleepingbeauty, dayton
fantastic reader, guidance and foresight too
- by sultrystarfish, seabed
You were so spot on!! I'm glad I was thinking right about how to handle the situation!!
- by Jim, Loveland, Co
A pleasure to speak with.
- by Alneverus, Indiana
lovely indepth reading and gave lots of hope, thank you
- by starfish, seabed
Very helpful reading. She tuned right in and answered all of my numerous questions with very detailed explanations. Highly recommend her.
- by L, CA
A pleasure to speak with.
- by Alneverus, Indiana
very interesting with the ball, picked up on things that made a lot of sense. i really liked her advice and insight
- by hs, los angeles
- by amrita, Herndon
A pleasure to speak with.
- by Alneverus, Indiana
Anna was a pleasure to speak with her, she is genuine and awesome. I will keep speaking with her. She really connected with me like no one else has. I enjoyed it very much :)
- by enchanted2634, x
Anna is great. Very intuitive, gives good relationship advise, and is lots of fun!
- by teaforcompany, Boston
A great advisor. Reads situations very well..
- by E, E
It was a pleasant reading. Informative and giving. Her pacing was comfortable.
- by Happy, Washington
Very quick and honest reader . It was good that AnnaSimone was kind enough to cover a wide spectrum of topics during my reading that most readers do not always cover so in-depth.
- by Redd, UK
Very insightful reading. Thanks
- by Oranum user, USA
A pleasure to speak with.
- by Alneverus, Indiana
very good reader picked up on alot and gave good advice x thankyou x
- by joboluvz73, chester
PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE call AnnaSimone!!!! She is WONDERFUL AND GIFTED!!!!!!! She knew everything about me with almost no facts at all from me. She could really read more »
- by Sandra, Salem
always trustworthy and very helpful
- by oles, bas
very good insight and clear delivery
- by sultrystarfish, Seahorses
Anna is a great reader. Always fun too!
- by teaforcompany, Boston
absolutely the best reader h
- by ole, bas
Great advisor and understands psychological tendencies very well!
- by E, E
always great reader
- by oles, bas
very insightful and intuitive person, she described person i was asking about very good
- by Alicja, d
A pleasure to speak with, as always.
- by Alneverus, Indiana
Anna is wonderful, clear, direct, and insightful. She is excellent with relationship advice. Anna gets it for sure.
- by teaforcompany, Boston
had a great reading. very clear and answered my questions. Thank you!
- by flovech82, kent, wA
A pleasure to speak with.
- by alneverus, Indiana
A pleasure to speak with, as always.
- by Alneverus, Indiana
Very accurate and clear reading.. amazingly accurate, using her crystal ball.. I really enjoyed it and got some clarity .. Highly recommend Anna !!
- by Lynda22, usa
Anna is really intuitive and gave me great advice on my situation and how to improve it. She is smart,thoughtful, and very invested in seeing me succeed. Thanks Anna!
- by teaforcompany, Boston
she is very fast answering@
- by DANA, israel
she is great! very smart and fast amswers
Very kind and gave me good advice
- by Vivienne, Syd
very interesting reading. I really enjoyed it thank you! x
- by marie7498, uk
Very accurate. Thank you Anna
- by Vivienne, Syd
A pleasure to speak with.
- by Alneverus, Indiana
very accurate pick up after so long
- by seahorses, atlantis
The best advice I needed.
- by Michele, Buffalo
Spot on, would definitely recommend a reading
- by Michele, buffalo
a strong reading with visions for what might happen in my future... good to support my professional and love life...
- by alexandre caldas, cartaxo
Anna was very insightful, she answered a few questions i did have.
- by Samantha, PA
great I love her, always a wonderful read
- by persephone, houston
A pleasure to speak with.
- by Alneverus, Indiana
A pleasure to speak with.
- by Alneverus, Indiana
will be waiting on her predictions! very fast
- by BP, NY
Thanks for the updates Anna! :)
- by Vas, California
AnnaSimone was so incredibly insightful, kind and compassionate. She provided me with such wonderful guidance and helped me through a very confusing time. Thank you so much!
- by Chloenka, San Francisco
A pleasure to speak with.
- by Alneverus, Indiana
A pleasure to speak with.
- by Alneverus, Indiana
Glad I came for reading today. She picked up things going on in my life right away. Gave me some advice on how to deal with things just now but has given me hop read more »
- by Lyn, Scotland
fantastic reader and is helping me grow in my relationship. Highly recommended
- by ola, st lous
A pleasure, as always.
- by Alneverus, Indiana
very accurate indepth reading with detail. very much worth the reading
- by seahorses, atlantis
gave really helpfull edvice
- by tianna, tel aviv
A pleasure, as always.
- by Alneverus, Indiana
always a great delivery of information. No frills, just the facts, however, has a great way of making you understand the real meanings and guidance on how to go on.
- by seahorses, atlantis
she's soooo good i just had to come back for more insight =)
- by m, nola
shes really good and uses many tools to give you in depth insight and details. she brought up things that no one would know. awesome
- by m, nola
amazing gave me some things i need to do !!
- by summer, houston
A pleasure, as always.
- by Alneverus, Indiana
Anna was great, and knew things before I said anything. She connected very well and read everything accurately, I will come back to let her know how things go. Thank you.
- by latina, long island
MIND-BLOWING! OFF THE CHARTS! SENSATIONAL! AnnaSimone is the real deal! Her rating equals all the stars in the universe! She's absolutely amazing. Her rea read more »
- by AsothPeace, Eugene, Oregon
A pleasure, as always.
- by alneverus, Indiana
Outstanding, Thank You
- by cyberpumkin, Kansas City
- by lidia41, sydney
Thanks Anna, great reading as always x
- by Rose, London
She is such a good reader and she has awesome ideas!
Wise counsel, easy to talk to, nonjudgmental, peaceful energy
- by bluebird08, Valparaiso IN
Comforting, calming presence, empathic... GREAT!
- by bluebird08, Valparaiso IN
I did a ritual with her and it made my life so much better!
Thanks again Anna for great insight!
- by seahorses, atlantis
Always a pleasure.
- by Alneverus, Indiana
Very very good! Thank you!
- by seahorses, atlantis
Warm, beautiful energy, VERY supportive, perfect for what I needed and wanted for guidance this morning ~ thank you!!!
- by bluebird08, Valparaiso IN
A pleasure, as always.
- by Alneverus, Indiana

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