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☆☆Genuine TURKISH Clairvoyant , Card Reader, Medium and Tarot Expert!☆☆☆(Super fast, short and to the point)

☆☆☆Please don't ask me any questions or to draw cards in a free chat!!☆☆☆
( I may help you only in a private reading!)
☆☆☆All questions with regard to coughing issue will be ignored in my chatroom!☆☆☆
☆☆☆All questions with regard to personal life will be ignored.☆☆☆
☆☆☆I'm only here to help.☆☆☆
!☆☆☆No demo reading is available!☆☆☆

❤ ❤ ❤ Empath/ Telepathic/ Expert in Remote Viewing❤ ❤ ❤
❤ ❤ ❤ Dream Interpretator❤ ❤ ❤
❤ ❤ ❤ Life coach❤ ❤ ❤
❤ ❤ ❤Group Readıng ın One Session❤ ❤ ❤
☆☆☆ Natural Healer☆☆☆
(Fast healing session is avaialble for 10 mins)

Card Decks:
☆☆☆Oracle Cards.☆☆☆
☆☆☆Tarot Cards.☆☆☆
(Connecting with cards so fast, ready to help you for your quick questions at any time even for 3 mins.)
❤ ❤ ❤Pendulum❤ ❤ ❤
❤ ❤ ❤Casting spells.❤ ❤ ❤
❤ ❤ ❤Reunion spells.❤ ❤ ❤
❤ ❤ ❤Energy blocking spells.
❤ ❤ ❤Health Scan❤ ❤ ❤
❤ ❤ ❤Water Fortune❤ ❤ ❤
❤ ❤ ❤DNA Activation❤ ❤ ❤
☆☆☆ Coffee / Tea Readings☆☆☆ (At least you should have one private reading with me)
(25 minutes, deep reading, but can be shortened)
☆☆☆Email Readings☆☆☆

In which field I'm really good at as a reader is:
☆☆☆ Love and career issues.☆☆☆
☆☆☆ Relationship issues..☆☆☆
☆☆☆Marriage and divorce issues.☆☆☆
☆☆☆Past lives and aura colors.☆☆☆
☆☆☆ Angel communication.☆☆☆
☆☆☆Channeling with the dead people and pets.☆☆☆
☆☆☆ Dream Interpretation.☆☆☆
☆☆☆Life coaching.☆☆☆.
☆☆☆Twin Flames/Soulmates.☆☆☆
☆☆☆Detecting the lost items.☆☆☆
☆☆☆Detecting the unknown death of people by channelling.☆☆☆
☆☆☆Health questions.☆☆☆

❤❤❤ Topics to discuss with regard spirituality in my room❤❤❤ :
- Astral Travelling and distinct dimensions.
- Angel communication.
- Past life regressions.
- Mediitation techniques.
- Telepathic communication.

☆☆☆Rules of Frea Chat Area☆☆☆:
- Please be kind and gentle.
- Pleasse don't hesitate to take me to a private reading at anytime.
- All questions should be answered in private.
- No free cards for any regular more.

❤❤❤How I work in private readings is❤❤❤:
-Channeling with my spiritual guides and getting visions or images.
- No sugar coating and giving fake hopes throughout my readings.
- Getting connected with your own spiritual guides through conveying messages.
- Remote viewing with regard to quick questions.
- Dream interpretation with regard to images and astral projection.
- Private course about astral travelling.

❤❤❤Energy Work❤❤❤:
- Cleansing negativity.
- Cleansing heart chakra.
- Cutting the cords.
- Candle work for manifestations wih regard to love and money issues.

First of all, I would like to state that I have a bachelor degree with regard to the major English Language and Literature. Thus, I'm good at communication and verbal skills. . So, it can be claimed that communication is the best are that I can succeed in order to help the people who are facing with some hardships in their lives including:
- Love and Career Life.
- Loss of their loved ones.
- Blockages that belong to the past lives.
- Spirits that are hard to communicate.

Secondly,I'm a naturally born medium. I'm clairvoyant and empath. It can also be claimed that I'm clairaudient and clairscent. I can pick up the person's feelings and can sense the current situation easily in order to help the person as much as I can. I can get focused by my mind and through my guides. I'm telepathic as well in terms of getting connected with the person through remote viewing without seeing them. I get the messages from my spiritual guides or I have the ability to see the images in a clear and vivid way.However, I can confirm my predictions with using cards. I can also read auras and analyze the person's spiritual traits.I also do remote viewing in order to detect the real issue in terns of seeing the current emotional distress which can be based upon the person who might need help including to discover his or her inner self realization.

It could be stated that mediumship skills are hereditary in my own family. My grandmother was born in Greece. I have Greek hereditary as well. My grandmothers' senses were so powerful that she could see even death coming for the person. However, she did not choose this path to follow her mediumship skills. My mother is gifted in terms of getting messages in her dreams, but she doesn't work as a medium as well. From time to time, I get some visions in my dreams as well. I had chosen to follow mediumship path in order to help people as much as i can. I just work with my own intuation and spirits. The whole future messages pop into my mind in a natural way. I have the ability to analyze astral related dreams in which a person faces with a lot of confusion. I believe in universe and angels. In thıs sense, I can guide you how to maniftes your own dreams according to the law of universal attraction and angel communication. I have the gift to do rituals based upon opening the doors in love and career life.

I have been reading for people since 8 years. I had discovered my own gifts when i was 22. Beforehand, I always had the gift to be revealed. I hear spirits and I have visions that come true for people who are about to die, too. I can channel with the dead people who had passed away. I can help the person who want to get connected with a loved one had passed away in order to give him or her the needly message. I can easily get connected with the other side. I also can get connected with angels, and I don't use any tools in order to complete a full reading. I had worked on my skills a lot. I just trained myself alone. I have the ability to read past lives. However, we have a lot of past lives. I can get focus on one past life in a very specific way so that the person can let go his emotional chains that he or she keeps inside of her soul as a deep grief or punishment.

Besides, when i was a teenager i always used to hear voices. My ability had been shut down due to the fact that I had been convinced there was noone around me. According to parental issues, my gifts had been shut down till the age of 22. They all returned to me back again in a very intense way. In this sense, I consider myself lucky to be a medium in order to achieve my goals such as helping people who have love, job and emotional issues. I can get focus on the person so well that I can clarify the real issue in my readings.
In addition to these, II can do protection, love and healing rituals .I'm also a healer so that I can work on a person's heart chakra in order to take away the whole pain, surpressions, tension and anger that they hold on in a very rigid way. It can be stated that I can send healing energy for people whom have suffering from chronic pains, lack of self esteem and emotional disorder with regard to anxiety issues.
Furthermore, I do tea and coffee readings. You can request these readings from me via email or when I'm online and have the time to tea or cofffe readings in a private chat area. I have the gift to interpreting the images in tea or coffee groundings.Furthermore, I'm good at picture readings. I can analyze the related person's aura, past lives and future prediction during these readings.

❤❤❤Here is some members said about me❤❤❤:

" Great reader. Wonderful person. So kind so caring. Always honest." by desichick1983, Lansing, Michigan.

"Best reader ever!!!!! Happy returning customer"by cosmiclatte, LOS ANGELES.

"She is the best!!!!!!!!!! " by jadensmamma09, arlington.


"Brilliant read as always. Spot on." by natei08, Melbourne.

" Always gives me clarity, such a pleasure to consult, she is fast and accurate, I am a returning client, and I know she's the best. I recommend, Thank you Angel." by itryoften20,USA.

"All I can say is wow wow wow excellent!!!!!" by Cache23, San Francisco.



"Lovely reading as per usual. Very fast and detailed." victoria111, london.

"She is the best, no sugar coating always honesty and a sweetheart." sarahjlk, cleveland, OH

"Sharp as always." Gene, Hawaii.

"Fast, accurate readings! :)" Fairytales82, Finland
❤❤❤Special Thanks to Shariananda❤❤❤
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PS: When you need an urgent reading while I'm offline, GET A READING WITH VISIONARY!!!
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Member testimonials

very amazing reading she is the best
- by sam, los angeles
Great readings and great updates, as always! Angel has always been fast and accurate. Excellent psychic! Thank you for your time today, hugs, kisses and many blessings to you!!
- by littleone3, Europe
- by Kat Jennings-Vecchione, Orlando, FL USA
She seemed pretty good!
- by Sparkle Pony, San Francisco
Predictions happens very quickly and a very honest reader. Been with Angel for a while now and she gives me good and bad news and 100% ACCURATE. Now I will wait read more »
- by Miss Coconut, Europe
Always great accurate and fast updates with Angel..... Predictions happens, she is the real deal!
- by littleone3, Europe
She is cool, very insightful and accurate as always. I love our sessions. She is focused and does not waste your time at all. I hope the time frame she has give read more »
- by BeatriceBee, Istanbul
She was on point!
- by Olivia, Calhoun
She is amazing!!! I am speechless.
- by Etta, Charleston
Thank you Angel - I ALWAYS come back to you cause you are very accurate (and very very fast), you know my situation very well at this point and you what you say read more »
- by littleone3, Europe
Her prediction came true again , i am surprised , i did not expect coz it was so out of the blue.....100 stars to the amazing lady who is never wrong for me :)) love u and wish u THE BEST always.....take care dear..
- by Niharika, Washington
she was good. Really genuine in her approach. I hope her predictions happen!!! Very generous & clear in her approach. Best :)
- by aquavenus, california
Angel was right on TARGET, AS USUAL!!! She did NOT sugar coat anything!!! She told it like it was, and I appreciate and love her DEARLY!!! SHE IS THE BEST, A read more »
- by Kat Jennings-Vecchione, Orlando, FL USA
She was great.
- by stephen beckham, Cincinnati oh
This is for the best psychic on ORANUM, someone who has never been wrong for me , whose predictions always happen ...i am in complete awe of this woman .. She h read more »
- by niharika_1985, US
I keep coming back to her. I think she's the best. She's fast and really helpful. Doesn't waste your time at all. 5 stars!
- by BeatriceBee, Istanbul
Thank you for the update Angel. The best as always! Many hugs and blessings.. A client that ALWAYS comes back! xxxx
- by littleone3, Europe
she is amazing... everything came through, with timings too.
- by hyperion, lyon
Great professional. Legitimate experts. She connects immediately and tell you how it is. Thank you very much. I give you full stars.
- by Alice, .
She is great! straight to the point. I love her so much.
- by Mark H., winston salem, nc
Always always great updates and always gives me accurate insight of every situation. Best reader on Oranum! I really enjoy talking to Angel. Thank you for being here - hugs and blessings.
- by littleone3, Europe
great thanks
- by lisa0003, new jersey
amazing ty
- by JS, USA
Best readings - ALWAYS accurate even it's good or bad, she tells me and advice me what to do. You help me with so much in my life, thank you so much Angel, talk soon of course! Hugs and blessings to you xxx
- by littleone3, Europe
Thanks:) I can only hope for the best and move on.
- by sunshine, hemp
Thank you for the positive update (always come back!) I will feel positive about studying so you give me more courage, thank you for that. In love life, it's go read more »
- by littleone3, Europe
Very good, to the point psychic.
- by chcoolate33, london
Great readings, update and advice - You are the BEST! You've been right about everything since the first reading we ever had and I will always come back to you read more »
- by littleone3, Europe
Angelful was direct, no sugar coating and answered my all my questions. She picked up on things that she couldn't have known. She showed me my current path and it was clear what I have to do change my future. Thanks
- by J, London
Great reading. Thank you..
- by sweet84, ma
Straight forward , honest and always accurate. predictions do happen , always matter how samll or big..Thanks so much
- by Niha, USA
Always come for an update and you are Always RIGHT, always ACCURATE and very FAST! You been right the WHOLE TIME and your predictions are so REAL - good and bad read more »
- by littleone3, Europe
Thanks Angel. Will keep you posted..
- by NV, Texas
Awesome & accurate!!
- by Paula, NY
Thanks has been a tough journey and your guidance has helped me so much .. I trust your advise and your predictions which always happen for me. Thanks read more »
- by Niharika, USA
I like her. She's straightforward and honest. And her readings are true. She's fast too. Highly recommended!
- by BeatriceBee, Istanbul
- by o, NY
Excellent reading as always! Angel is so good. Give her a try!
- by mini, usa
She is excellent, her predictions came true, she is a sweet angel!!!!
- by angel, sc
- by angel, sc
:) Update AGAIN. We will see , always ups and downs.. And you are always right! Thank you!!!
- by littleone3, Europe
Love her, blunt, honest straight forward and super quick!!! Predictions always happen .. price is low too 3.99 ..fair enough for the quality of readings and pre read more »
- by Neha, Texas
Gave me good insight and helped me with my decision, will come back of course like i always do!!! She is honest and accurate as always!! Thank you Angel for the best service! Blessings and talk to you soon!
- by littleone3, Europe
Thanks ..!!!
- by Nk, USA
Thanks a tonn!! u have been so far consistent and accurate with ur predictions..hope the same for future..take care
- by Niharika, Texas
Angelful is always so quick and accurate with her readings!! She is worth every cent!!
- by Nina, Florida
Always come back for updates! Angel has been very accurate on how things are gonna happen and been always right with her predictions. She also tells you the tru read more »
- by littleone3, Europe
Hey Angel, thanks so much for the updates... Another reading came true... Will keep u updated... Take care!
- by neha, India
Master Angel readings are fast and seemed pretty accurate she saw me getting a job overseas and I have in fact been searching for a job overseas. I can't wait t read more »
- by starrbrightlove, US
angel is very fast always a great reader
- by iggyb, nowhere
Thank you for your advice.
- by lehua, kapolei
Thanks always.. You are honest.. And I like that way.. Please stay the same always.. You are here to tell the truth and if people can't take that, then they better stay away... lol
- by Nv, washington
Angel was excellent, fast, direct, & right on target!!! She was absolutely the best!!! She told me things that no one else could know, and she is the real deal!!!!!! I HIGHLY recommend her!!!!!!
- by Kat Jennings-Vecchione, Orlando, FL USA
Reading I've been waiting for to have again! Thank you again for the update! Insights about different topics were brilliant. I am so glad that mom will be okay read more »
- by littleone3, Europe
Thanks...may b this was my last reading...for sometime now...Thanks for all ur help all this while...Truth always hurts...and its a tough time...u have been of great help always...wish u good luck...blessings, take care.
- by nk, USA
Great as always! Immediate connection and very clear guidance. Will definitely return for follow-up reading.
- by Gene, USA
Thank you very much! I was very down but after reading with you, I can see a path...Thanks again.
- by wonderlife, Australia
Thanks Angel once again for your advice.. all your predictions about my career came true...that's what I call a true Psychic...your predictions do happen..thanks much for being there...
- by niha, USA
Bright and truthful adviser.
- by ubiquitious, india
Angel is always very accurate about reading the situations.. I have had many readings with her and she has been always right for me.. predictions have happened read more »
- by nv, USA
Very good. Very Honest. Would recommend her.
- by Tamberlyn1969, US
Very good clear reading update.
- by p, henley
Didn't waste anytime, very fast, honest, insightful, right on point with situation. Will use again in the future!!!!
- by BB, BB
I just want to say "Thank You" Angel from the bottom of my heart for being my guiding light throughout this difficult time in my marriage. It has been a tough m read more »
- by Ebony, Lowell, MA
Excellent reading! She has always been very accurate for me and gives the best guidance.
- by iPreferMimi, US
I don't have anything different to say, we all know how accurate she is. I have not been getting very happy messages off late, but truth is all we need, and fro read more »
- by Niharika, USA
Very amazing reader. I have many readings with her. 10000 stars for her.
- by sam, los angeles
Thank you Ful!!! You have been very very helpful.
- by irelandirish, France
Very good.
- by angel, sc
She is the best here, so fast...highly recommended.
- by carina, lyon
angelful did such an amazing job!!! she was on point and really cleared my mind of confusion!
- by jessica, san diego
Very nice picked up things right away. Gave me positive answers.
- by Lyn , Scotland
Always spot on, clarifies situations and endless questions accurately. You cannot find a better reader!
- by iggyb, no where
Angel is always very clear and concise, I come back to her often for answers I need.
- by iggyb, nowhere
As always she is great. I always come back to her...
- by tma, houston
- by phoenixrisen, bloomington
She is one of a kind, my go-to reader on Oranum. Her predictions have been right on in the past and I trust her advice. She read me like a book today, and I'm sure I will be back eventually to update again.
- by Mimi J, Kuwait
I am always happy to chat with Angelful.. After several readings she has been accurate about the information provided.. I will always return to chat with her.
- by Kainaj1973, Plainfield
Thanks. I hope all goes well.
- by nk, washington
Always on point with my situation, I always come back for a reason, because she has always been correct!! Highly recommend!
- by Leticia , Estrada
Great reading and advice!!!
- by SoulDesire1, USA
Predictions never change....good news about Job. I'll follow her advice since she never fails me. I desperately need the new job.wish everything goes as u said. read more »
- by Niha, India
You're amazing. Thank you for giving me guidance and helping me.
- by Sammy, Honolulu
She is the best ! Do you wanna hear the truth????? Hard core bitter truth and only truth?? Come to her ...all you will get is truth ....and some funny sarcasm ; read more »
- by Niharika, washington
She is very open and straight to the point. Would recommend.
- by Tamberlyn1969, US
Amazing adviser ,councilor and excellent reader. Is never wrong with her only one here...see you again. Take care :)))
- by Neha, USA
Awesome reading - and what is so great - she always tells the truth - weather you like it or not - it was good news tonight.
- by sunshine, hemp
She is wonderful. Quick with her readings and very accurate.
- by Jason, Brighton, MA
- by jazlyn, orlando
Thanks so much. Angel has been always accurate for me, and all predictons have come true, no matter how small or big. She is just like a sister, a best friend a read more »
- by Niha, USA
Very insightful reader!
- by ubiquitious, india
Great reading from angel. Picked up well on the situation and knew what she was talking about.
- by min, usa
I just love Angel.....She is like a sister to me, always guiding me in the right direction. What would I do without her? Lol...Always right with her predictions read more »
- by Ebony, Lowell, MA
Long private after a long time...Accurate and precise as always....she is the best and i will continue to say that again n again as all her prediction have come true for me u angel ..god bless u a lot :))))
- by Niharika, India
No sugar coating for sure and she is VERY truthful and honest in what she sees! I will be back for update. Thank you Angel. Let's wait and see! xxx
- by little one3, Europe
she was very good
- by Staci, Atlanta
Extremely to the point. She does not waste your time. She is accurate and gives quick and honest answers. Extremely talented psychic.
- by EJB, Atlanta
i have so many readings with her she is great reader i will give her 100000 stars
- by sam, los ANGELES
- by angel800, sc
Good and fast reader, can trust every word she says.
- by ubiquitious, india

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